Students play a very important role in removing illiteracy. … This is because the students are responsible for ensuring they themselves are engaged in the learning process and in ensuring that they become enlightened to be able to help others on coming out illiteracy. In this modern age there are several ways to ensure you don’t miss out on education and end up in poverty.

Without students being available and ready to learn, teacher would be wasting their time and at the end of the day they would not have someone to teach.
It is very unfortunate some students cannot access education due to poverty or other life situations that hinder them from participating in the education process. But one thing that is important to note that for there to be eradication of illiteracy the students themselves must be willing and available to partake of this treasure. The thirst for education or for learning is what is required for one or a nation to eradicate illiteracy.
This means that even that are in poverty, they need to be willing to learn even from their counterparts that have access to education. This means that access to education is readily available in this contemporary world is readily available.
Therefore from this alone one is able to understand that students play a very important role in eradicating poverty.   
Students can play an imperative part in expelling lack of education as they have a lot of time.In summer vacations they can give several hours to instruct the uneducated people in regions or towns close to their residence. They can stir the uneducated people in living aptitudes, appropriate cleanliness, childcare, and sustenance. Additionally, they can evacuate particularly the social wrongs from the psyche of ignorant people like visually impaired faith in superstitions, religious bias, communalism and limited – mindedness.

They can educate about the significance of being illiterate.They can get to different plans of the administration for their inspiration and growth. they can render it better with the assistance of educational organizations, National Literacy Mission, NGOs and social gatherings.

A country wants to achieve the goal of 100% literacy, it will have to involve the students in the literacy programmes.

Each one teach one is a famous historical proverb that originated in America before the declaration of the Emancipation Declaration. The black people did not have privileges to education. Thus, this campaign ‘each one teach one’ was launched to educate the colored people. The few educated black people taught as many uneducated people as was possible.