Conference Proceedings Publication with ISBN

 It's great to hear about your interest in publishing conference proceedings! Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd seems to offer an affordable package with various benefits like ISBN allocation, DOI, and listing on their website.

Here are a few points to consider or inquire about before proceeding:

  1. Quality Check: The publication maintains high standards in terms of editorial review, formatting, and overall presentation of the proceedings.

  2. ISBN and DOI Allocation: These identifiers are crucial for the credibility and accessibility of your publication.

  3. Listing on Website: The proceedings will be listed on Edupedia Publications' website with abstracts, author details, and proper indexing for easy access and searchability.

  4. No Additional Costs: If final version of the conference proceedings is submitted.

  5. Publication Rights: Copyright rests with conference organisers and authors.

  6. Distribution and Reach: The proceedings will be available through our portal for sell and other suitable medium like Amazon. This will increase readership and accessibility of the published work.

  7. Delivery Timelines: Normally within a week printed proceedings are dispatched.

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