Incurable India

 As the name suggests “Incurable India” is a documentary which talks about the basic health issues in India and unfolds many stories of private and public hospitals. The title is very well suited for the documentary and has a deeper meaning than just those two words. 

The documentary is directed by Umesh Agarwal which focuses on the poor quality of health facilities in India despite having the best doctors who are exported to other countries and having the largest number of medical colleges and institutions in the world. The main cause of this problem is overpopulation.

It starts with giving a brief about the country, with soothing music. The documentary starts with praising India’s doctors and facilities then criticizing it by pointing out the problem. It talks about various real life problems which poor class people go through in public hospitals. They have to stand in long queues to get their token, even after standing for so long, you are never sure if you’ll get the token or not. Amit after getting his check up done, gets a waiting of 2 years for his operation. As we see, this is a problem of overpopulation. It not only shows the reality of public hospitals but also of private hospitals, how rich people, who can afford such high fi facilities, are scammed. 

The two stories are mixed, one of AIIMS, New Delhi, about a man named Amit and a woman named Smrita who belong to a rural area. The stories are shown simultaneously without having any dots which connect each other. It would have been better if both stories were shown separately. 

Also, the one problem that I noticed was, bad camera quality at various places. It looked as if the scene had been recorded from a phone. Good camera quality would have resulted in better delivery of the message. But despite the flaws in this documentary, it shows the harsh truth and reality of what goes on in private hospitals. How people are being used and scammed for money. 

It shows the efforts, time and thought put into this documentary for the world to know the reality of Indian hospitals. I would say, here the director acts as an investigative journalist who showed us all the scam of private hospitals and brought to us nothing but truth. My mind was angry the moment I finished watching it. I hadn’t thought or could ever think that people would risk each other’s health for the sake of money. 

It has less views on YouTube and it is quite underrated. I think more people should watch it and it should reach a larger audience. So, people are aware and can act accordingly in a similar situation.  It is the reality check of Indian hospitals, which everyone should watch.