There are very less people in this world who will stay by your side always or help you always. But still, they exist. I’m glad that I had encountered with such person. So, when I was in 8th grade I shifted to a new school in a different city. Being a quite introverted person I always had problems while meeting new people or adjusting to new environment. I always take time to get comfortable with new people.

That same thing happened on my first day in the new school. I was not able converse with other students. Some even made fun of me. I almost believed that this is worst day of my life. I was feeling humiliated but then a girl approached me and tried to talk to me. At first I thought she must be here to make fun of me like others but she just wanted to be friends with me. I accepted her offer and slowly we become close.

She was very good at studies so she helped me with my studies and she often provided me with notes if I was absent in school. We used to play many games during our free time. She also helped me with my projects and assignments. Slowly we became best friends, we would often visit each others’ houses. I felt no longer lonely with her. On days, when I felt miserable and giving up she would motivate me and helped me to stay calm.

She was literally the best person I’ve ever met. Her interests were in literature so she used to write a lot about various topics and things. She was very ambitious towards her goal which used to inspire me a lot. Whenever someone tried to break our friendship She always stayed my side and never left me. Even after so many years when I think about our friendship, I feel really blessed to have such friend.