Health is wealth

 Health is wealth. It is an old  proverb which has deep significance. It means that a healthy man can enjoy the gifts of nature. The coarsest food tastes sweet to  him. Ordinary clothes lend charm to his personality. On the other hand, an unhealthy man is sick of his life and has no interest in his work.

Of we desire to enjoy the sweetness of life, we should do our best to preserve our health at every cost. A sound mind can never dwell in an unsound body. 

It is generally seen that an unhealthy man cannot keep the balance of his mind. An unkind word is enough to provoke him. He feels insulted at the slightest joke. He remains alone and become unsocial.

Health is a blessing. It is the greatest boon of God. Regulated food is the first requisite for health. Our diet should be simple and wholesome. Green vegetables,milk and well cooked food should be taken at fixed hours. Spices, fat and heavy food should be avoided as far as possible.

Physical exercise is also very necessary. We have a good appetite if we get accustomed to exercises. Sometimes a long walk in the early hours is sufficient.

Student should take part in sports and games. A grown up man keep himself fit by means of exercise is that we can easily digest our food. So our body gets pure blood in abundance.

Self control and confidence are also useful. If we waste our energy, we cannot become healthy.

The cause of bad health is anger,worry, jealousy or greed. If we are subject to these we can never be healthy. If we want to be healthy, we should have good ideas and loving thoughts.

If we desire to be healthy,we should practice the old rule of 'early to bed and early to rise'. Good company and carefree life will help us to be cheerful. Without health, there is no joy in life.