Corruption,these days, is a very common and frequently used word. Even children are well aware of the word. Corruption is prevalent in the society in every facet of life. It is the gift of modern society and has been accepted by all.

It is true that no one likes to live in a world of corruption, bit the society has become too much corrupt that there is no escape from it. There is no department or aspect of life that is devoid of corruption or corrupt practices. Most of the government, semi Government and private organisations are in efficient and corrupt.

 Previously people were afraid or ashamed of following corrupt practices. Now it is a part of life and accepted by most people. One is  very fortunate if he can get his legitimate  work done without resorting to corrupt practices. He has to persuade or bribe the man concerned. No work can be undertaken without adopting back door and corrupt practices.

At times the government announces its wish to curb malpractices and corruption from the society. Initially there can be some success, but later the corrupt practices prevail. The entire society is fully aware of corruption and knows that they have to bow to the corrupt administration. The administration is weak and implementation of government laws are defective. Most people do not wait to get a work done. Instead of wasting time and energy, they adopt corrupt practices for having the work done, hence it is called speed money.

Corruption eats into the society and ultimately ruins the economy. Besides the society, the nation gets weaker and weaker. A corrupt society has no morality. It has the dangers of internal weakness and external aggression. Sincere efforts are to be made to root out corruption from the government administration and society.