Honesty is the best policy

 Generally, people say that honesty is the best policy. It means if we want to succeed in life we should be honest and straightforward. Nothing succeeds like honesty in life. It is possible that dishonesty may be successful for some time, but in the long run honesty is sure to succeed.

This can be seen if we consider the cases of students and businessmen. The student who tries to copy in the examination hall may get some more  marks than he would have otherwise got. But he learns a lesson to neglect honest work 6in the long run, he is sure to suffer the consequences of dishonesty, as he will find himself below the standard.

Let us examine the case of a student who tries to use foul means in the examination hall and is caught red handed by the invigilator. The least punishment he gets is that the paper is snatched from him and he is asked to promise not to copy again. When he reaches home, he gets rebuke from his father and other. In the company of his friends, he is put to shame. When he goes to his class for his daily lessons, he is hated by the teacher and the principal. For a single act of dishonest deed, he finds the whole of the little world against him. He comes to repentance. But it is too late.

If a businessman is found to be dishonest even in a si no hle transaction, people try to avoid him. His sales goes down. People refuse to believe him even when his prices are the least. He loses his customers and goodwill. There are only two courses open to him, either to wind up the business orr to be honest.

The effect of dishonesty is much the same in the case of clerks, teachers, government servants and others. It is possible that a maay become rich by adopting dishonest means. But he generally squanders the money. He again adopts dishonest means to earn more. In this way, his whole life become a vicious circle.

It is necessary for us to be honest if we want to succeed in life. Dishonesty leads to failure. A dishonest person is bound to fall in the long run. Without hard work and honesty none has succeeded in the world so far.