How Do You Write the Purpose of Human Life Essay?


Write The Best Purpose Of Human Life Essay

The real essence of humanity is getting stained slowly. You must remember that good deeds should not have any ulterior motive such as money, power or fame. We were created to look after ourselves by sharing shelter, food and clothes. But history says the opposite.

It is not just about caring for other people. You have to take care of your environment and every living thing. We all have different experiences and perspectives of life. My opinions about life may be completely different from yours. 

There are several things to consider when writing an essay about this topic. So you can get some help at online essay service, to make sure your essay will be written properly. 

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They include:

The importance of humanity

It means looking after people and things around you whenever and wherever possible. Life values guide us when we interact with other people. The strength of humanity lies in personal commitment and the power of collective action.

We live in a world divided by borders. But together we can achieve unimaginable things. We can travel anywhere in the world and have anything we want. Many countries fight for land which causes the loss of innocent lives.

There are several crises such as the ones in Syria, Myanmar and Yemen. These crises are not getting solved any time soon, so we need the intervention of humans. Humanity helps us make good decisions.

People that have lived by example

Several great humanitarians live with us and in history. Examples are Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana and more. These people showed how important caring for humans are. They showed that love, service and honesty can keep humanity thriving.

Mother Teresa was dedicated to helping the poor and needy in every country she went to. Rabindranath Tagore was an Indian poet who believed in humanity and said it was his only religion. I know you must care for yourself before anyone, but it doesn’t kill to care for others.

Nelson Mandela worked against discrimination. As a result, he spent most of his years in prison. He never looked down o anybody based on sexual orientation, race, religion, creed or anything. He left prison and became the president of his country.

Mahatma Gandhi died serving his country and he is still remembered in his country to date. He was dedicated to helping the poor and less privileged.

We must learn to follow the steps of these people. Our life is precious and should be protected at all costs. We should give more than we take and help people in need. In the end, the universe has its way of rewarding givers!

How can you show humanity?

Everyone can show humanity. It can be by embracing equality, no matter the race, gender, religion and sex. It can be by fighting for the defenseless and caring for the less privileged. We must show compassion when dealing with people.


You can create a coherent piece when you consider these factors.  You have to be in touch with humanity or experience certain things in life to write a good essay. You can also hire professionals to help. It is easy to solve problems in the world when we practice humanity.