2 Reasons Why You Need Proxies to Protect Your Brand and Your Consumers



An Internet superhero with many abilities comes to mind when thinking about proxies. Look at it this way. A proxy offers tons of functionalities to users. One is that you get online anonymity while browsing. This keeps you safe from prying on third-party eyes. And yes, this includes cybercriminals.

A proxy helps you roam around anonymously. Proxies hide the end-users identity, therefore, adding a layer of protection This helps ensure security for your devices and data. 

And, that's not all. By hiding your IP address, you can access geo-restricted content. And companies that do a lot of research enjoy web scraping capabilities. It doesn't stop there though.

Proxy servers balance internet traffic. It is especially useful during peak hours when there is a lot of traffic. The balancing and caching capabilities ensure faster internet speeds. 

But, how can proxies protect your brand and consumers? Read on to see why investing in this internet superhero is a worthwhile move.

  1. Brand Protection With Residential Proxies

Residential proxies get the IP from an ISP. They will connect the IP to an actual physical location and device. The device could be a phone, laptop, or desktop computer. These act as the intermediary for the connection. 

At this point, you may be wondering why this should matter. Well, remote browsers will see the residential IP address as a real person. This reduces the chances of bans or flagging on some of the sites. Do note, some websites will ban an IP address if there are repeated requests for information.

You cannot open many social media accounts using the same IP address. That is why proxies, such as Blazing SEO residential proxies, are such helpful tools. 

But there is more with regards to brand protection with residential proxies. Let’s check out some uses.

  1. Detect Copyright Infringement

Residential proxies can help detect copyright infringement. Other people could be using your brand images, content, or videos, without your permission. It can be difficult to track such actions on your own. An option is to use bots, but some websites will detect and block them. 

With residential proxies, it appears as if a real person is looking for the information. It becomes possible to search multiple websites without raising any flags.

  1. Identify Rogue Websites

Rogue websites imitate official websites. The account owners will make subtle changes to the URL. It ends up looking like an authentic site. They can then use these to sell counterfeit products or for other nefarious purposes. 

Most customers will not even realize that they are on a fake or copycat website. They could end up losing money. The damage to your brand reputation would be hard to manage. Proxies provide a fantastic way to identify such sites. 

The web scraping capability improves efficiency and reduces the chances of banning. Online anonymity will allow you to search sites in regions that may ban an IP address from your country.

  1. Ad Verification

As a brand, you want to ensure that your ads appear on appropriate sites. You must keep your brand reputation by appearing in the right places. 

You also need a system to check for fake impressions, fraud, and fake clicks. These are popular methods cybercriminals use to send traffic to their sites.

Fraudulent ads, for example, contain malicious code to redirect visitors to another site. Ad verification without a proxy server means the Cybercriminals can flag your activities. They may end up blocking you.

Residential or rotating proxies provide an effective solution to carry out the task. The proxies can also allow you to open up localized ads. Those outside the specific geographical location will now be able to view them.

2. Data Security With Proxies

Businesses collect a lot of information from customers. Proper handling of data is a critical process to keep it safe. Data breaches can lead to serious repercussions. These include:--

  • Damage to the brand's reputation, which could take years to resolve
  • Loss of customer trust resulting in loss of business. Customers need to know the company they are transacting with keeps their information safe.
  • Financial implications arising from lawsuits
  • Diverting company resources to manage the breach. It can have serious budgetary implications for the company.

Proxies provide a way to improve data security in several ways.

  • The right proxies can provide data encryption. This means that only the intended recipient can decipher the information.
  • The sieving of content in and out of the company browser removes any malicious content. Adding proxies onto other security measures provides that extra layer of protection.
  • Online anonymity keeps the brand safe from third-party eyes. It is especially critical when sending and receiving sensitive documents. Since no one can watch your online activities, there is more security for you.
  • Proxy servers act as a firewall, thus restricting access to unauthorized persons.
  • The company can track internet usage within the company. The admin can block access to inappropriate sites. They can also keep logs or records of the websites employees visit. Proxies provide an effective way of reducing insider threats. Statistics show that insider threats account for more than 34% of cyber-attacks. There has been a 47% increase in such threats within the past two years. In 2020, the cost of Insider threats to organizations was $2.79 million.

Final Thoughts

Proxies provide an efficient and effective way to protect brands and customers. The brand enjoys online anonymity. You can carry out online tasks without anyone monitoring your activities. 

Residential-proxies provide an IP address from the internet service provider. They offer the highest levels of anonymity. The brand can use proxies for web scraping and accessing restricted content. 

Data security is a key component for any company. Any breach will expose customers and the company to so many issues. For the brand, it could lead to damage to reputation and loss of customers. 

The financial implication of correcting such can also be very high. A proxy has so many security benefits as we have highlighted.

As we said, a proxy is like an internet superhero with so many abilities. Your brand and customers will thank you for investing in one.