4 Activities to Do at a Trade Show

 When you head to a trade show in order to showcase your products you want to bring consumers into your booth to talk about your products with them. The look of your booth is important as well so using a backlit trade show display can really elevate your curb appeal. Once your booth is enticing it is important to also have some fun activities so people want to participate and come speak with you. The more people that come through your booth the more leads you generate and sales that come from those. The amount of people you get a chance to speak with at trade shows is what makes them a great way to grow your business. 

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Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition

To get a lot of people involved you could do a competition with something as simple as rock paper scissors. The great thing about this is that everyone knows how to play and can participate. It also is quick and easy which allows a lot of people to get in the competition. People can also just hop in because it is so simple and no background knowledge is needed. This is something that would be easy and fun for people as it kind of brings you back to simpler things in life. 

Putting Green

Having a little putting green in your booth to see if they could get a hole in one is another quick and simple way to get people in your booth. You could have a small prize such as a mug with your logo on it for those that do make it. Groups of people would have fun watching others do this and would give you a chance to talk to consumers, 


This may not be a true activity but it is something that brings people into the booth to fill out a form in order to enter the giveaway. The better the giveaway the more people are going to come to fill out the form which gives you a chance to talk with them and grab their attention with your product. You could even do a different giveaway each day of the trade show to have individuals coming to your booth multiple times which would increase your chances of productive conversations. 

Spin the Wheel

Similar to a giveaway but allows each person that participates to win a small prize. Getting a bunch of smaller prizes with your logo on them would allow individuals to win but also have something that reminds them of your business. Prizes that could be fun would be things such as pens, mugs, stress balls or anything of that nature that is smaller and easy to acquire a large number of. This would allow many people to “win” but also come into the booth and conversate with you. 

Which Activity Will You Do?

There are many ways to get people into your booth at a trade show but getting your consumers involved is a great way to create connections and start conversations. Whether that is through a competition, putting greens, giveaways or spin the wheel it's an inviting way to get people into your booth. When you go to a trade show your goal is to reach as many people as possible and activities are a great way to do it.