1000 Word Essay, How Much Time It Takes?

 1000 Word Essay, How Much Time It Takes?

While this is a commonly asked question, it is hard to answer. Every essay writer wants to know how much time they could spend writing a piece.

A dissertation usually contains 11,000 words, while school projects may have 6,000 words. No matter how long the write up is, the factors influencing how much time you spend on them are the same. They include:

How long does it take to research?

The time spent researching a topic can influence how much time you spend on a piece. Writing about an unfamiliar subject means you have to do proper research and this takes time.

It is easy to write your project if you are familiar with the topic because you might not need to research. In cases like this, what takes your time is arranging your thoughts and making it a good write up. Therefore, we can conclude that the easier you find data about a topic, the faster you finish it.

Do you have good reading comprehension skills?

You might ask "What does my reading skills have to do with how much time I spend on an essay?" Well, your question is valid.

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When searching for data, you aim to select relevant points and create a coherent write up. Some people skim through novels and pick up relevant information, while others read several times. The ability to read and understand quickly reduces the amount of time you spend writing a 1000-word piece.

How well did you plan?

Every startup requires proper planning to get good results, writing is not exempted. Most writers think it is easier to jump into writing an essay without proper planning. If you have these thoughts, I'm not sorry to tell you that your thoughts are wrong!

You can highlight how you want to write on a piece of paper before you begin. Take note of important points and plan how you will organize them to create a beautiful piece. Planning before starting an essay reduces the amount of time you spend writing it.

Are you a fast typer?

Now, this is my favorite part! I'll tell you why. Your good comprehension skills will be futile if you are a slow typer.

A slow typer spends more time trying to capture their thoughts and as a result, takes more time to write an essay. Every writer needs to improve their typing skills. You can use typing games to enhance your speed.

Writing skills are different from typing skills. They are both very essential in the modern world. A fast typer isn't always a good writer.

How deep is the topic?

It is important to spend more time on write ups that require in-depth knowledge. Informative essays must be thoroughly researched to ensure proper sensitization to the reader.

The following require in-depth knowledge:

  • Health-related essays
  • Politics-related essays
  • Religion-related essays
  • Culture-related essays


I know you want to finish your essay on time, but being meticulous will give you a good finished product. Take your time. Whatever you do, don't rush.

What makes a good writer is the ability to stay true to their craft and remain unique. The reader should know it's your piece by just reading it.