Value of trees

 Trees are valuable natural resources. They are the gift of nature. They provide shelter. They give us fruit. They are the source of herbs and medicine. Trees give us wood also.

Trees are very helpful to man. They control pollution. They prevent soil from  erosion. They maintain the fertility of soil. They bring rains. Rains are very important for India. India is an agricultural country. They give us food, fruits, etc. Papers are made from wood pulp. We write on the papers. Rubber, lac, silk, etc.  are produced from the trees. These things have great commercial value.

Trees give us fresh air. Fresh air is good for health. They absorb the carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. We breathe in oxygen. Trees provide shelter to birds and animals. Trees help to check floods. Floods are great natural calamity. So, we should protect trees. We should plant more and more trees.

Some trees like mahogany, sal and rosewood give us hard timber to make furniture and doors, etc. Some trees like poplar give us soft wood to make corks. Leaves, branches and fruits of many trees have medicinal value.