Mysteries of the Winderness Kindle by Apostle Dr Isaac Odoi Danquah

 he MYSTERIES OF THE WILDERNESS’ is a book intended for anyone willing to experience greatness, bumper rich harvest in life, jumbo wealth creation, rich successful life and not afraid to go through the hustles, torchers and agonies in life called wilderness to accomplish it. The book explores the various kinds of people on earth, the deep secrets and mysteries associated with greatness such as troubles and problems, test for and towards greatness and the mysteries about creation by the divine creator. How the divine creator created the Heaven and Earth and placed man in the Garden of Eden and asked him to have dominion and nurture the Garden. It explains how man lost control over the Garden and lost dominion to the enemy and found himself in the wilderness - sin. The torcher, hustles and problems he and his wife have to face on the other side of the beautiful garden in catering for their family. 

This is comparable to the problems and issues of life faced on daily basis on our persue towards greatness, wealth creation and enrichment in life. It explains all kinds of tools and opportunities made available unto us by divine creation as we seek divine encounter and daily walk with Christ and towards self – enrichment and wealth creation in life. It explains how to have dominion and total control over once creation towards a wealthy life and living to impact now and future generations. And finally, how the divine creator is willing to hold our hands and leads us through the wilderness in our persue of wealth creation and enrichment in life and carry us to a successful end. And to a place we love and dream to be most.

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