Unleash Your Literary Potential: Kindle Book Publication Full Support for Just $99!

Embarking on a journey as an author is a thrilling experience, and with the rise of digital platforms, publishing your work has become more accessible than ever. If you have a manuscript ready and dreams of seeing your book on Kindle, then look no further! Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is here to provide you with comprehensive Kindle book publication support for just $99.

Why Choose Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd?

  1. Free ISBN from Edupedia Publications: We understand the importance of having a unique identifier for your book. That's why, when you choose our Kindle book publication support, you will receive a free ISBN from Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd. This ensures that your work is properly cataloged and easily searchable.

  2. Free Ebook Publication and Distribution on Kindle: We believe in making your publishing journey seamless. With our support, your ebook will not only be published on Kindle but will also be distributed through their extensive network. This means your book will reach a global audience, giving you the exposure you deserve.

  3. Kindle Account Creation and Publication Support: If you're new to Kindle publishing, don't worry. We've got you covered. Our team will assist you in creating your Kindle account and guide you through the publication process. We make it easy for you to navigate the technicalities, ensuring a stress-free experience.

  4. Basic Cover Design and Formatting: A visually appealing book cover and well-formatted content are crucial for grabbing readers' attention. Our team of experts at EduPub will provide you with a basic cover design and ensure that your book is professionally formatted, making it a polished and attractive product.

Call to Action:

Ready to see your words come to life on Kindle? Here's how you can take the next step:

  1. Send an Email to editor@pen2print.org (we can offer you discount if your are from any African country) Drop us an email expressing your interest in our Kindle book publication support. Our dedicated team will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.

  2. Visit Our Websites for More Information: Explore www.pen2print.org and www.edupub.org for detailed information about our services, testimonials, and success stories. We're committed to transparency and want you to feel confident in choosing us as your publishing partner.

  3. Join Our Reviewers Boards: Become a part of our community by joining our reviewers' boards. Share your insights and be involved in the literary world. Fill out the form at https://forms.edupub.org/scholar.php to express your interest.


Don't let your manuscript gather dust on the shelf. Take the leap into the world of Kindle publishing with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd's full support for just $99. From free ISBNs to ebook distribution, account creation, cover design, and formatting – we've got it all covered. Make your author dreams a reality, and let your words reach readers worldwide. Contact us today and start your journey as a published author!