Why are Stablecoins popular? Get to know more from this article

 There are various types of cryptocurrencies that are available in the market. Although Bitcoin is much popular, many investors prefer investing in various Stablecoins due to the scalability factor. It is not that Stablecoins became popular instantly after coming to existence but it did not take much time ruling over the hearts of millions. There are various factors for choosing Travelling with Bitcoin due to its high market volatility. However, you would not face any volatility issue while investing in Stablecoins as their market value goes up and comes down with particular Fiat currencies and precious metals which are scalable to some great extent. 

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Even when the price of other crypto diminishes to a large extent, with Stablecoins, there is no such case. They provide stable values, and they are more utilized as a store of value rather than only getting restricted as a medium of exchange. In case of Stablecoins, there is less volatility as there are collaterals formed as reserves, and these may be in the valuation of U.S. dollars. The algorithm of the Stablecoins also provides a rich and steady value about the adjustment of supply which is based on certain pre-set regulations. The Stablecoins also maintain proper valuations. It is important to note in this direction that historically, there were some forms of currencies that were pegged to gold. Along with that, countries like Great Britain took off the gold standard around 1931, and this was followed by the United States after two years. There is also something called the reserve currency and many of the currencies of the world are also pegged to gold. In addition, you can also get some of the Stablecoins in the market that reduce the volatility of price, by attaching their price to the U.S. dollar. They can also back the value with liquid reserves. 

Stablecoins and the groups in which they are divided: Know why you can prefer Stablecoins

  • There are Fiat-collateralized stablecoins which are backed with the help of fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar. Along with that, in case of collaterals, there can also be precious metals like gold and silver that become part of the collateral structure, and also used in commodities like crude oil. 
  • There is a custodian that you can choose for the Stablecoin, and there are regular audits, with the help of which you can go for the redemption of the Stablecoin tokens. Apart from this, if you want an example, then you can choose Tether and also TrueUSD that get pegged to the US dollar. In short, you do not have to suffer from any sudden fall or any sudden change in the price of the Stablecoin, and you can check out the best options that are available for the storage of the coin. 
  • Apart from this, you can also go for the crypto-collateralized coins, basket of crypto instead of a fiat currency or any type of commodity. If you are worried about the overall volatility of the market, then in order to accommodate the negative impacts of collateral crypto volatility, you can use Stablecoins that provide the much-needed financial support. 

For example, if you consider that there is a need for a reserve of Bitcoin around 1 million dollars to issue 5 lakh dollar of Stablecoin. This means that even if Bitcoin loses its value, the Stablecoins will have sufficient collaterals to work in the best possible manner. 

  • There can be very frequent use of audits, and for Stablecoins, if you need, you can also go for regular top-ups that might manage any kind of shortfall. Although Stablecoin is backed by crypto and it works on the Blockchain mechanism, there are enough ways through which you can utilize the coin to your best possible benefits. 
  • Also, there is the Dai Stablecoin that uses a crypto basket and a collateral of around 150% related to the value of tokens. Dealing with any type of crypto is not what we call the perfect system. If there is a need for top-up, or if you want to get collateral, then know the purpose and the utility of the Stablecoin first. Along with that, check the Algorithm Stablecoins once, their supply and what the current value in the market is.