When to Choose a Physical Therapist 

 We have all heard of physical therapists, but what exactly do they do and when should you consider seeing one? Just as you would see a doctor for treating illness, check-ups and preventative care, a physical therapist deals more specifically with movement limitations, injury and disease inabilities. They also specialize in dealing with pain management, prevention and relief. Physical therapy in Rexburg offers personalized treatment to your specific needs when it comes to the understanding of, and the education about, any concerns you may have regarding your muscles and overall physical health. 

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Doctors Versus Physical Therapists

When it comes to muscle or joint pain or even back pain, seeing a physical therapist is a must. Their specialization in these categories is going to kick start your journey in feeling better and addressing the pressing needs on a straining body. A physical therapist can also help address any potential harmful issues and movements that could cause you more pain later on down the road. Getting consultations can help determine if going to a physical therapist is a logical step in discussing your health needs before seeing a doctor. In some cases, you may need to see a doctor first to diagnose the particular issue to then be seen by a physical therapist -but that is not always the case. Physical therapists will always send you to a doctor if they feel they can not adequately address the issues you are facing. While doctors and therapists can work hand in hand, they are not always needed together and you can see one without the other. 

Injuries That Require Physical Therapy 

Ligament strains are the most common injuries seen among physical therapists for treatment. 

  • Ankle sprain
  • Hamstring sprain
  • Muscle sprain 

Back pain is also frequently treated with physical therapy if it has been identified by a doctor as caused by an injury to the back ligaments and muscles. Achilles tendon injuries are also an injury seen often by physical therapists that requires physical therapy in order to properly heal. Soft tissue injuries (muscles and ligaments) as well as strain and tear injuries are all injuries that require physical therapy to help you recover and get back on your feet again. 

Skip the Wait…and the Money!

When dealing with specialized issues of your muscles and joints, many times you will be referred to a physical therapist by a doctor. But due to the Direct Access Legislation, you do not need a referral from your doctor to start a treatment regime from a physical therapist. Many insurances cover physical therapy costs and by heading straight to physical therapy you can cut out doctor bills and unnecessary wait times. Physical therapy is also cost effective in the sense that doctors may jump to surgery as an option, and many times an expensive option, when physical therapy could be the way to help you start feeling better and stay feeling better. So, skip the wait and look toward Pick PT for specialized care today and start the journey to feeling better without waiting on the doctor!