The Top Five Cryptocurrencies You Can Handle 

 You have the top cryptocurrencies for investment. You have the right crypto varieties in the market and it is the right time you take advantage of the same. At times things seem to be quite confusing, especially with the altcoins. The world of crypto is in constant change and things are highly volatile.  So you have to reduce the risk of loss while you choose a crypto  here , and you can try different crypto currencies to diversify your portfolio. In this case, you can add more crypto assets to your portfolio, and here you can find top crypto currencies that you can choose. 

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ApeCoin or APE    

In the Bitcoin Era, you can judge the crypto positions in the market and make an informed decision. However, you can start with the ApeCoin or the APE. When you invest in APE you are sure to get the nicest position in the NFT scenario. APE is a popular gaming coin and it is the governance token with the right utility traits. The specific coin was introduced in the year 2022 and the team responsible for the same is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. You have the gamut of the NFT tokens with all the right gaming features and possibilities.

The team behind the coin is attempting to build the ecosystem concerning the token. The kind of project was being developed with the grand efforts of Metaverse crypto projection. The APE coin is used in several platforms like the decentralized exchange, the Money firm NFT Platform, and the rest of the operational firms.

Ethereum or ETH

The next one to talk about is the Ethereum coin and you can even call it the ETH. This is one of the top cryptocurrencies and it is the best token for investment. Most of the projects in the crypto era can depend on Ethereum because it is about smart contracts based on blockchain technology. It is the coin for a good investment and the same has the potential to outnumber the rest of the investments in the same market. In recent times there has been a great hike in the price of the Ethereum.

Cardano or the ADA

You have the popular crypto medium of Cardano or ADA and it is actively participating in the blockchain sphere with the latest traits and popular crypto methodologies. The Cardano technology is steady and sustainable. Cardano is known to be the third generation blockchain and the purpose of the same is to address the smart contracts with the qualitative future applications in both matters of governance and control as part of the supply chain.

Role of the XRP

In the fourth place, you have the XRP. It is the most popular form of cryptocurrency and it was invented to support global banks and various financial institutions. It has a payment protocol called Ripple and it is sure to offer the global payment networking RippleNet. This will help in facilitating cross-border financial transactions. You can use SWIFT for international transactions and you need to pay a hefty transaction fee. Ripple is also ready to offer high-level liquidity and this is required by most banks for suitable operations. You can avoid such charges and make your online payment faster through Ripple, and you can use XRP on Ripple network to convert your other crypto currencies into cash. For example, you can convert your other crypto into XRP and then you can convert your XRP into cash at less cost. 

Notability of Dogecoin

In the 5th place, you have the DOGECOIN or DOGE. It is one of the most notable cryptocurrencies and people know the same as the undervalued crypto with the set of specialties on offer. People have been investing in the same in the year 2022 for the reason of the upside potential of the same, DOGECOIN is the popular meme cryptocurrency and the currency has given way to the best of billionaires and the millionaires down the time.


Most online gamers love betting with cryptocurrencies. In this case, they don’t have to deal with real cash and can use your digital currency for safe virtual transaction. This is soon going to be the best medium in global business with currency rich traits and options.