An Introduction To Stablecoins: What They Are And How They Work

 Are stablecoins the future? Are they an answer to the problems and volatility issues of cryptocurrency? The exposure of the world to cryptocurrencies also highlights how important trip to currencies is becoming. While it is touted to be the future but there are certain downsides associated with it. Other details click at this link.

One of the concerning key factors is the volatility. The changing dynamics of cryptocurrencies have made many prospective investors skeptical about investing in them. With the introduction of stablecoins, we might have an answer to all the apprehensions surrounding the price volatility of cryptocurrencies. This is where stablecoins come into the picture.

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A Brief Overview of Stablecoins 

These are basically dollars in digital form. But it is not just the dollars; the stablecoins can be algorithmically connected to other real-world assets like the euro or gold. As mentioned above, these points were introduced to counter volatility which is the hallmark of cryptocurrencies. It is a convenient way for traders to overcome the loss they encounter because of the dynamism of the value of cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaways of Stablecoins

1.         These coins have a stable value and hence the name stablecoins

2.         These are more useful and safe mediums of exchange.

3.         It easily overcomes the price volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.

4.         Algorithmic stablecoins provide a steady value by calibrating the supply based on the predefined rules

Types of Stablecoins You Should Know About 

As we have mentioned above, there are different types of stablecoins. The value of stablecoins is associated with different real-world assets, which can range from fiat currencies to physical assets. Read on to know more about types of stablecoins.

1. Fiat-pegged Stablecoins: These coins are connected to real-world currencies like the euro or Dollar. The collateral can also be rude oil or metals like silver. In the case of fiat pegged stable coins, the collateral is held by a custodian, and this is audited to ensure the redemption of stablecoin tokens. One fine example is Tether

2. Crypto-pegged Stablecoins: customer list is crypto peg the stablecoins. These are similar to that of weird per the stablecoins, but here the collateral is cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, the crypto pegged coins are associated with other cryptocurrencies.

To help you understand better, let’s say, you have collateralized dollar 50,000 stable coins with Dollar 1 million bitcoins. If there is a situation where bitcoin loses its value by 30%, even in this situation, the stablecoins will have enough collateral for complete redemption. This will prevent you from suffering from heavy loss. One fine example is Dai.

Although we cannot say that this is a completely safe system because there can be a situation where the collateral cryptocurrency completely loses its value or its value plummets dramatically. If you are planning to invest in crypto collateralized stablecoins, then it is significant that you should first study the cryptocurrency with which the stablecoins have been collateralized and understand its future prospects and present market situation and based on that, you should invest in it.

3. Algorithmic Stablecoins- the third type of stable point is algorithmic stablecoins. Irrespective of the fact that stablecoins are collateralized or not, algorithmic stablecoins. Please have a set of rules which control the supply of tokens, thus ensuring the stability of value.

Let's understand this with the help of an example; an algorithmic stablecoin operates on a rule which requires a change in token supply such that its value is not impacted and there are sufficient stablecoins in the market. You can compare it with the role of a central bank that keeps on increasing or decreasing the interest rate to ensure the stability of prices in the market. 


So, these were some helpful points you needed to know about investing in stablecoins and its different types.. If You Are also willing to be a part of the crypto ecosystem, this is the right time to gain enough knowledge on different types of cryptocurrencies and their set of features. It helps in defining a clear strategy for the future. If You Are convinced and confident about investing in the cryptocurrency market, you can log onto You can register yourself here and start exploring the crypto market.