3 Tips to Prevent Memory Loss

 There has been a good amount of research done on the brain and memory loss in particular. Dementia can be a devastating diagnosis for the patient as well as the family members who love and care for them. When you have seen this type of cognitive deterioration, fear could leave you frantically researching solutions and preventative measures. The hard truth is that most memory loss is not entirely preventable. However, there are a few things that have been shown to help at least somewhat. If you or a loved one do struggle with a form of dementia, memory care might be the best option. Pocatello memory care offers activities for their residents in all three of the following ways. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Physical Activities

When we exercise our heart pumps blood at a faster rate. That blood doesn’t just go throughout our bodies, but it goes to our brains too. Exercising just thirty minutes a day is essential for heart and brain health. Heart health has become a big topic of conversation, but our mental health should be just as important to us. 

Increasing our heart rate intentionally each day is crucial to preventing memory loss and maintaining a sharp mind for as long as possible. In tandem with that, exercise can also decrease symptoms of mental illness such as depression and anxiety. 

Mental Activities

This one is pretty self explanatory. When we challenge our brains, it keeps them working healthy and strong. Scientists recommend occasionally using your less dominant hand to perform daily tasks like brushing your hair and teeth, opening a bottle, or cleaning a dish. This essentially will exercise different parts of the brain. In a memory care or assisted living facility, they have regularly scheduled activities. Games like bingo, crosswords, and even coloring are a good way to keep your brain sharp. 

Social Involvement

It may seem strange, but it is a fact that more social involvement is connected to a slower decline in cognitive ability. In a way, being socially active is mentally stimulating. When we are with other people we engage in conversations, are typically more physically and mentally active in association with spending time with friends, family or neighbors. 

It could be argued that part of the reason that we are seeing more memory loss in the elderly is not just because they are living longer giving their brains more time to deteriorate, but also because our society does not cater to them. The elderly people have less opportunities to be out in the community. Living in a facility with other older people is a good way to increase social interactions. 

Memory Care Activities

Every facility is different. When looking for a memory care facility for your loved one be sure to ask about activities, because now you know how important they are for preventing worsening memory loss. 

The following are a few examples of activities that the memory care residents in Pocatello have available to them. 

  • Crafts
  • Coloring
  • Relaxing music
  • Movie 
  • Treats
  • Dice or Card games
  • Age appropriate workouts
  • Many more