Botanic name of Noni is Morinda Citrifolia. It is also called Indian Mulberry. It is an Ayurveda plant, found near the seas where temperature is below 25 degree Celsius. The noni tree is an evergreen shrub, up to 20 ft (6 m) tall, that grows in tropical areas of the South Pacific, including Australia, Malaysia, the West Indies, India, Vietnam, etc. Its branches and trunk are coarse, tough wood, and the leaves are glossy, oval, and dark green. Year-round, the tree yields a small fruit, which is cream-colored and about the size of a small potato. The noni fruit is noted for its bitter taste, unpleasant smell, and reportedly strong healing properties. It is very good for health. Noni has been in use from the bygone era. Noni is a great natural detoxifier. Today about 40 University are researching on Noni fruit and till now 164 nutrients have been found in it.
Noni has more than 150 nutrients. Compared to pineapple, Noni has 40 times more enzymes. It boost the immunity system. It is beneficial for health.
Noni is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E folate, beta, carotene and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Noni has Anti- oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Anti- inflammatory and Anti-wrinkle properties. It is a powerful food for cells and maintains the cell count. People of all ages can drink it. Noni juice is a strengthening drink that keeps the stress away, stimulates serotonin and endofrin, effects mood and emotions.

1.Noni contains fibers.
2.It is beneficial in reducing pressure on the intestine. It has vitamins and minerals which protects our intestine.
3.It prevents increase of tumor, due to which it helps in fighting with the cancer.
4.People suffering from Asthma should take Noni juice everyday in the morning and evening.
5.Noni juice works like an insulin and helps to regulate sugar levels.
6.Noni juice helps in making body disease free.
7.Intake of noni juice is beneficial in skin disease like eczema.Various parts of noni plant have been used to treat skin problems such as acne, water retention, inflammation and others. Noni contains anthraquinone which has anti-wrinkle properties, and thus, can slow down the aging process of skin. Noni juice has goodness of antioxidants which helps to fight against free radicals and thereby, prevents cell damage.
8.Noni reduces the effect of wine.
9.Noni regulates blood cholesterol levels.
10.Noni juice has shown positive effects in protecting heart health by improving the blood flow in the arteries. It also helps in regulating blood pressure which definitely helps in maintaining heart health.
11.Noni is effective in stress, pain in urine, leucorrhoea and periods.
12.Noni helps to increase memory power.
13.Noni is beneficial for every problem related to hair like baldness,dryness of hair and also good for growth of hair.
14.Useful for arthritis and joint pain.
15.Improves the nervous system.
16.As an effective anti-oxidant keeps the poisonous elements and pollution away.
17.Noni juice boost the Immunity System.
18.It helps to detoxify the body.