Free Book Publication Offer for Members

 Publishing a book can be an incredible milestone for authors, offering a plethora of benefits that extend beyond mere recognition. At Eduindex, the free book publication service offers a comprehensive package that goes beyond the norm, aiming to support authors in various ways.

Benefits of Book Publication:

  1. Professional Recognition: Publication offers credibility and acknowledgment of an author's expertise and contribution to their field of study.

  2. Dissemination of Knowledge: Sharing insights and research through a book allows wider dissemination of knowledge, impacting scholars, students, and enthusiasts globally.

  3. Academic Validation: Publications contribute to academic profiles, aiding in career advancement and establishing authority within a subject area.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Being a published author can open doors to collaborations, conferences, and speaking engagements, expanding one's professional network.

  5. Long-term Impact: Books have enduring value, remaining accessible for years and impacting successive generations of readers.

Eduindex’s Free Book Publication Service:

  1. ISBN and DOI Allotment: Providing International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) and Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) ensures your book is properly cataloged and easily searchable.

  2. Live Link to Book: Offering a live link to the book enhances accessibility, allowing readers to easily find and access the publication online.

  3. Certificate of Publication: Recognizing the effort and dedication of authors with a Certificate of Publication adds a formal acknowledgment of their achievement.

  4. Listing as Open Access Book: Hosting books as open access on ensures wider reach, especially for scholars from regions with limited access to scholarly resources.

  5. Offer for Scholars from Africa and Low-Income Countries: Providing this service for the first 100 books within a year is a generous initiative, supporting authors who might face financial constraints in getting their work published.

  6. Optional Additional Services: Authors have the flexibility to opt for additional services tailored to their specific needs, enhancing the publication process as required.

  7. Manuscript Review: Authors can submit their manuscripts for review to

  8., ensuring a comprehensive evaluation before the publication process begins.

Overall, this initiative by Eduindex aims to democratize access to publishing opportunities, supporting scholars from diverse backgrounds and regions. By offering these services free of charge for the initial 100 books within a year and providing additional optional services, they're empowering authors to share their knowledge and research without financial barriers.

This commitment to inclusivity and support for scholars from regions with fewer resources is a commendable step towards fostering academic growth and sharing knowledge on a global scale.

Interested Scholars can submit a Brief note on book to or fill the form given below: