Burden of One's Desire

The cherished seed of desire in one's heart is not a burden. It's a misty road of salvation that one travels on their own accord.
Karma or act defines our purpose of existence. As in a war,' a general marches his troops to their grave or the pinnacle of victory !' who can say that?
the only fact is here that our deeds & motive drove us to the end which fits our stature.
Here stature is not determined by birth but by karma.
The only thing in this ominous universe under our complete control.
We are prone to our instincts. So sometimes we get lost in a dense forest of thoughts where ill thoughts give birth to a state of mind where we lose the foresight to take care of two crucial things.
The health and the wellbeing of mind.
Smile at the trouble and take a few deep breaths now and then. It helps rejuvenate not only the mind but the soul too.
Sit back in this treacherous endeavor of life & enjoy the ride with a smile.