Operation Dost #turkey #india #foreignrelations

Operation Dost refers to the friendly relations and collaborations between Turkey and India in various fields, including politics, trade, defense, and cultural exchanges. Both countries have a history of diplomatic ties and mutual cooperation that have strengthened over time.

In recent years, their relationship has seen advancements in economic cooperation, especially in trade and investment. They've also collaborated on defense initiatives, aiming to enhance their strategic partnership. Cultural exchanges, educational collaborations, and people-to-people contacts have further deepened their bond.

However, it's important to note that specific initiatives or policies under the label "Operation Dost" might not exist formally in diplomatic agreements or official statements. Rather, it could refer to the broader ongoing efforts between the two nations to bolster their relationship and foster closer ties.

Turkey and India have recognized the importance of mutual cooperation in various regional and international issues, contributing to stability and development. Their partnership is a testament to the significance of bilateral relationships in a global context.