International Mother Earth Day was created by the UN and has been celebrated every year on April 22 since 2009. More than 50 member countries voted to adopt the Resolution, which was submitted by the State of Bolivia. The resolution recognises that the Earth and its ecosystems serve as our place of residence and that it is crucial to encourage harmony with the natural world. The term "Mother Earth" is employed because it illustrates the interdependence between people, other living things, and the planet we all share.


The goal of International Mother Earth Day is to increase public awareness of the dangers facing the planet and the life it sustains. The day also acknowledges a shared duty to advance harmony with nature and the Earth in order to establish a just balance between the economic, social, and environmental requirements of the present and future generations of humanity, as stated in the Rio Declaration of 1992.

International Mother Earth Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 2009 by resolution A/RES/63/278. even though it was only spotted for the first time in 2010. The interdependence of people and other living things on our world was first acknowledged globally during the Stockholm United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1972. The purpose of the holiday is to motivate people to do their part to protect the environment and commit to living in cleaner, greener places.

The opportunity to study all about our planet and how it came into being is provided by this day, which also serves to increase awareness of our amazing world.

Around 4.54 billion years ago, the solar nebula, a disk-shaped collection of gas and dust left over from the Sun's birth, which also created the rest of the solar system, accreted into Earth. The only confirmed location for life in the known cosmos is Earth, which is located third from the Sun. Earth is the sixth largest planet in our solar system by radius, measuring 3,959 miles.

Every other planet in the solar system was given its name after a Greek or Roman deity, but for at least a thousand years, some cultures have referred to our planet as the "ground" using the Germanic word "Earth."

HOW TO CELEBRATE WORLD mother earth day

1. Invest in reusable bags.

According to estimates, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags annually, which harm marine life and wind up in landfills. Purchase some gorgeous reusable shopping bags to use in place of these at the store. You'll be beneficial for the environment in addition to looking fantastic!

2. Plant a tree in your neighborhood

In addition to other benefits, trees improve air quality, increase oxygen production, and help control a city's temperature. To improve your health and minimize fossil fuel emissions, plant a tree in your backyard or produce your own fruits and veggies instead of going to the shop.

3. Step outside for some fresh air.

We lose sight of how much pleasure being out of the house is because we are so preoccupied with what is happening in the social media realm. Make the most of Earth Day by serving as a gentle reminder of the grandeur and beauty of our planet. Spend a day reading, having a picnic, or just taking in the sounds of nature if you have a backyard.


1. It serves as a reminder to preserve the Earth.

The necessity of maintaining our planet is underscored by International Mother Earth Day, which serves as a reminder of its vulnerability. In the 1970s, if Senator Nelson had not spoken up, we might still be manufacturing cars that use lead and increasing industrial production by emitting smog, smoke, and garbage.

2. It promotes environmental consciousness

We must keep promoting environmental awareness in observance of International Mother Earth Day. raising awareness of the possible damage that people can do while simultaneously showcasing the broad international support for environmental protection.

3. It also enlightens the people.

This occasion presents an opportunity to raise awareness of global environmental challenges. It also serves as a reminder to our political representatives of how crucial environmental protection is to their citizens like us.