Safer Internet Day

It's Safer Internet Day on February 14, so turn on your modems! Nowadays, the internet allows you to do practically everything. You can interact with pals, play games, and buy that new clothing you didn't realize you needed but do now. Having limitless access to information and entertainment at your disposal is an amazing experience. The Yahoo Geocities and "You've Got Mail" of the past have been replaced by the world wide web. By honoring Safer Internet Day on February 14, we recognize these enormous achievements and the challenges that may result from these changes.

History of Safer Internet Day

In 2012, when the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission determined it was time to assist and guide the huge beast known as the Internet toward becoming a playground that was safer for our children, Safer Internet Day became officially recognized. When was chosen to lead the efforts in the American theatre, things in this country really got moving in 2013, and they've been doing so a little bit more each year since. Each year, they decide on a cause to support and an objective they want to accomplish. What kind of aims?

They started promoting the "Actions & Activism Toward a Better Net & World" theme in 2015, focusing on issues including bullying, collaboration with the National Parent Teacher Association, and using technology to assist bring about social change. Given that people from many walks of life and cultures can interact and communicate in ways they never could before, this is a particularly potent application of the instrument. That is what the Internet was created for, what it has given us, and what it has done to unite the world.


1. Participate in the Safer Internet Day conference

A sizable conference is held annually by the nonprofit organization to raise internet literacy throughout a range of age groups. Representatives from Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and other companies have previously held panel discussions, musical performances, and speaking engagements. The purpose of the all-day event is to improve the online experience for a wide range of users.

2. Go over safe Internet usage techniques

Don't worry if you can't make it to the conference. The process of using the internet responsibly advances with the discussion on how to make it a better and safer place for people to be. Speaking with people from both older and younger generations makes it easier to express worries and wishes for the future and set a goal for appropriate online behavior.

3. Develop ethical online behavior

You don't necessarily know everything there is to know about the Internet just because you're good at using it. Read the wealth of information that the websites supporting Safer Internet Day offer for both kids and adults. The resources are instructive and useful in helping to comprehend the various challenges that modern Internet user faces each time they open a new browser.


1. It serves as an opportunity to study the Internet

Every day, thousands of new websites are developed. Given the volume of fresh content being produced, it's critical to stay informed of how the Internet is always evolving. Adults and kids alike should place a high focus on being aware of the changing environment.

2. It is a worldwide holiday

The day known as Safer Internet Day is observed in around 130 nations. The numerous nations in between, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Panama, all have unique traditions for celebrating the significant day.

3. Major corporations back in the day

Not only do parents, teachers, and students care about Safer Internet Day. Global companies are aware of how critical it is to maintain user safety on the internet. An improved and safer Internet is something that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all dedicated to promoting.