Indian Army Day

On April 1st, 1895, the Indian Army became a legally recognized entity. In 1949, India appointed its first Army Chief. Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa succeeded General Francis Butcher, the final British Commander-in-Chief of India, as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army on January 15, 1949. The 75th Army Day in India will be observed on January 15, 2023.

The Indian army is thought to have the fourth-strongest army in the world, according to the Global Fire Power Index 2017. This rating indicates that India's army is inferior to those of the United States, Russia, and China. Pakistan, a neighbor of India, is listed as the thirteenth on this list.

The East India Company's forces were the ancestors of the Indian army, which later went by the name "British Indian Army" before becoming known as the National Army upon Independence.

The British established the Indian Army on April 1, 1895. Although the Indian Army was founded on April 1st, Army Day is observed in India on January 15th.

Significance of Indian Army Day

The day is observed at all Army Command Headquarters. Although preparations are being made, due to the ongoing global epidemic, the day will be observed under stringent guidelines. The soldiers of the Indian Army are honoured on this day for their selfless dedication to the country and for serving as the best possible examples of brotherhood. Salutations are given to all the brave soldiers who have given their all to protect the motherland and maintain the nation's sovereignty.

Why is Army Day Celebrated in India?

India ultimately achieved independence from more than 200 years of British rule on August 15, 1947. Racial strife, Pakistani refugees entering, and some individuals moving there were all occurring at the time of India's independence.

When the army had to take over to preserve peace during partition, many administrative problems had already begun to arise as a result of the chaotic situation.

At the time of India's independence, British general Sir Francis Butcher oversaw the Indian army. As a result, it was the perfect time to give the Indians full control over the country. On January 15, 1949, Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa was appointed the first Indian Army Chief of Independent India.

Because it was such an incredible opportunity for the Indian Army, it was decided to commemorate this historic day in India every year as Army Day. Since that time, this custom has continued.

In recognition of the handover of command of the army to Indian civilians, the nation celebrates January 15 as Army Day.

Every year, army parades and other military performances are organised in all Army Command headquarters and in the nation's capital to mark the occasion.

Every year, a parade is held at Delhi Cantonment's Cariappa Parade Ground to commemorate Army Day. The head of the Indian Army bows before it. During the celebration of the 70th Army Day in 2018, General Bipin Rawat and General M.M. Narwane respectively saluted the Parade.

The 71st Indian Army Day will be observed on January 15, 2019, in Delhi, the nation's capital.

A female officer led an Army group in the Army Day parade for the first time ever. Lt. Bhawana Kasturi is the first female officer to command a group of 144 male officers.

The Indian Army Chief traditionally salutes the parade each year; in 2022, that honour will go to General Manoj Mukund Naravane.