Television Watching

is a wonderful source of delight. The youngsters and the aged alike find
recreation at their own homes. When a man is tired of daily work, he retires to
a room and starts listening to the television music, watching dances and adds
to his knowledge by listening to the news and other commentaries. Thus, television
watching gives both instruction and joy.

were introduced in India more than a decade ago. Therefore, the expansion of
television net-work in India is yet to take place. Efforts are being
ceaselessly made and much success has been achieved. The people watch this
programme in the tele-clubs, which have become very popular these days. The
children watch their lessons on their school television-sets and they
understand these lessons very nicely.

have become very popular in schools. The best instructors may speak to
thousands of students and thus teach the lesson in an interesting manner. The
laboratory experiments are performed and the science students also usually
benefit form such programmes. There are certain lessons. Sometimes, very
uncommon things are shown to the students on the T.V which are not possible in
the classrooms and they are managed on the T.T. and the students understand
their lesson very easily. The television lessons give both instruction and
enjoyment to the students. The students sometimes watch certain films based on
educational themes very clearly on the television screen. Such films give
instruction and entertainment both, at a stretch.

India we find a large number of tele-clubs in big cities, where children and
elders throng to watch the films.