Mathematics is one of the common subjects that we study since our childhood. It is generally used in our daily life. Every person needs to learn some basics of it. Even counting money also includes math. Every work is linked with math in some way or the other. A person who does math is called a Mathematician.

Mathematics can be divided into two parts. The first is Pure mathematics, and the second is Applied mathematics. In Pure mathematics, we need to study the basic concept and structures of mathematics. But, on the other side, Applied mathematics involves the application of mathematics to solve problems that arise in various areas,(e.g.), science, engineering, and so on.

One couldn’t imagine the world without math. Math makes our life systematic, and every invention involves math. No matter what action a person is doing, he should know some basic maths. Every profession involves maths. Our present-day world runs on computers, and even computer runs with the help of maths. Every development that happens requires math.

Mathematics has a wide range of applications in our daily life. Maths generally deals with numbers. There are various topics in math, such as trigonometry; integration; differentiation, etc. All the subjects such as physics; chemistry; economy; commerce involve maths in some way or the other. Math is also used to find the relation between two numbers, and math is considered to be one of the most challenging subjects to learn. Math includes various numbers, and many symbols are used to show the relation between two different numbers.

Math is complicated to learn, and one needs to focus and concentrate more. Math is logical sometimes, and the logic needs to be derived out. Maths make our life easier and more straightforward. Math is considered to be challenging because it consists of many formulas that have to be learned, and many symbols and each symbol generally has its significance.