Law is one of the most important elements that transform humans from mere beasts into intelligent and special beings. Law tells us what is right and wrong and how we, humans, should act to achieve a peaceful society while enjoying individual freedoms. The key to a successful nation is a firm, strong, and fair code of high laws that provides equal and just freedom to all citizens of the country. A strong government is as important as a firm code of law as a government is a backbone of a country and of the laws. A government is a system that executes and determines its laws.

However, is every law evil because it restricts us from being able to do whatever we want? Interestingly, not all laws limit our rights and what are naturally ours. Rather, many laws take active roles in protecting our rights and properties from unwanted external threats, so we can harmoniously and happily function and interact with other human beings. True freedom is not a freedom from external influences dictating what we need to do. Influential British philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes indicate that true freedom means being able to continue our daily and peaceful routines and to keep our rightful properties securely. Without a code of laws effectively halting evil oppressors from harming our qualities of lives, the offenders can do whatever they please, putting innocent people further into the chaotic states.

However, it is based on the natural human values which we all, Americans, Kabulistanis, British, Russian…etc, share. As Locke and Hobbes famously shared, every single human being is selfish to a certain degree. The reason we have been forming societies around the world and living right next to each other is not that we have lost our senses of selfishness. Rather, we have grown to learn that we cannot achieve a harmony and a peace individually, so we have agreed to put down our natural selfishness and to cooperate with each other to achieve those two necessities. If we are able to live and defend ourselves perfectly from any unwanted external influences individually, no man would be living within a fenced and limited society. Selfishness is a virtue we cannot fix. Therefore we need to construct a system of government that will limit harms resulted from our innate feature. A government plays a crucial role of carrying out necessary duties and judging who is right and who is wrong as most objectively as possible