What is a podcast? Learn About Podcasting

Hello friends, all of you must have seen many videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and you must have made videos. But have you ever created or recorded audio? And have you upload it somewhere?

When you come to social media, you want to share ideas and you use different things for this and share your ideas with people, then friends podcast is also a part of social media, in which you can share your information. Can share with logo.

Starting a podcast is a big thing in itself because in this we have to share information with our Subscribers or Followers, which people should like.

What is a podcast?

What is a podcast

A podcast is blogging in a way, as we write articles and then share them with people, in the same way, there is a podcast, the podcast is like a device or mobile app, in which we store any information in the form of audio. and then share that information with the people.

In podcasts, we put our voice in the form of audio. Just like we make a video from our mobile or camera, our voice is also recorded in it along with us, in the same way only our voice is saved in podcasting, which we can share with people.

Nowadays we all think that how can we learn or read more things in less time, and so earlier we used to read books, then we started using youtube to understand something, and now slowly Everyone has started liking to listen to all things.

Example of the podcast:-

We have also started podcasting, in which we will share things related to Digital Marketing, Blogging, Vlog, SEO, and Web Development. Play and listen to the podcast given below.

What are the benefits of podcasting?

Friends, you know what is a podcast and who is called podcasting is, but why should you podcast or what are the benefits of podcasting, so let's talk a little about it.

If you are a good writer, or you know Poem and you also do poetry, or you like to motivate people, then you must use podcast.

As now more than 55% of people in Google do Voice Search and search for things, when we search anything in Google, Google shows us the same things that we want to see. Voice search is growing very fast in India, and one day it is going to go a long way.

Can you earn money from podcasting?

Yes, you can also earn money by doing podcasting, for this, you just have to make a podcast in a good field, after which you can earn money, it is not that you have created a podcast today and from tomorrow you will start earning money from it. , No…

Friends, there are no shortcut ways to earn money, and some people feel like this, then they will come to know about the matter themselves for some time.

So friends, as you will provide good value to your podcast, and as you get the support of people, they will like your podcast, then your subscribers or people who listen to the podcast will increase, and then you will earn money from the podcast. There will be many ways to find out.

So first of all, if you are good in any field, or you do any work very well, and you also like to do all that work, and you want to share all those things with people, then Start making podcasts today. Start little by little, you will be able to do it.. :)

Even if you search by typing something in Google, you will still get the same result that you will get through a voice search. With voice search, we can easily search things on Google.

Suppose you do not know English or anything and you do not know how to write it in Hindi, then you can easily search for anything on Google with your voice, after which you get your answer.

How to do podcasting?

Friends, to do podcasting, first of all, you will need a computer or mobile and a good internet connection for this work. After that, you have to select a good podcast platform.

If you want to start podcasting from your computer or laptop, then for this you have to sign up on online podcasting sites, after which you can start your podcast. These are some of the best podcast hosting sites.

  • Anchor
  • Podbean.com
  • Spreaker.com

If you want to start podcasting from your mobile or tablet, then for this you have to download podcasting apps, after which you can start podcasting. This Anchor Fm mobile app for Android and iOS can be of great use to you.

for android- anchor

For iOS (Apple) - anchor

If you make a podcast using the mobile app, then it will be easy, you will get a lot of options in Anchor Fm, whatever popular podcast platform you are by making a podcast, it is published here for free.

If you have a WordPress website and you want to start a podcast on it, then you can start a podcast on your website using the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin.

So this is how podcasting works, with podcasting you can connect with people, build your good followers, and improve your skills even more.

So maybe now you must have understood what is a podcast, and how to do podcasting, so if you have any thing that you have not understood or you want to ask something from us, then you can ask us in the comment box given below. We will do our best to help you.

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