What is PHP? Where and how to learn PHP. complete information

What is PHP?

What is PHP

Friends, as you already know, how fast everything is progressing in the world, and with this new technology is also coming, and programming or coding is used in all that technology. In the same way, today we are going to give you complete information about what is PHP today.

If you want to become a web developer or want to design any website by yourself, then first of all you should know PHP. Learning PHP is very easy, you can also learn it by watching online videos on YouTube.

Many people say that to become a web developer, you should have a computer-related degree, but there is nothing like this, if you know, then the degree is of no importance because all the companies do not give jobs after seeing the degree, saw your work there. It goes, and nowadays there are many good companies where you will get a job even without a degree.

By the way, if you have come here today to know what is PHP, then you will also know a little bit about programming or coding, and if not, then here you can know from the link given below what is coding.

We use coding or programming to make software, and for that, we should also have knowledge of many programming languages, only then we can make any software, app or website.

And if we talk about PHP, then it is used more in any website or app, and with the help of this, they are started, then today we are going to give you complete information about PHP, so this Read the article well so that you do not miss anything.

The most important thing to start blogging would be to create a website of your own. And what is needed to make a website? Must have a thorough knowledge of PHP. If you want success in the world of blogging, then a blogger needs to know PHP. So let us tell you further, complete information about PHP.

there are many languages ​​from which websites are made. One of them is Language, PHP from which a site like Facebook has been created. So let's know the inside of these websites and Web Based Programming Language PHP in Hindi, what is PHP, let's know.

What is PHP?

The full form of PHP is Hypertext Processor. This is a free scripting language that is used in web development. This language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. He created this language for web development.

PHP language is a very easy language that anyone can learn easily. And its biggest advantage is that it can be easily integrated with any HTML language or with any popular database language.

PHP is free, so provide My SQL Database Host for free, although it also has copyright. PHP is a very simple scripting language, which can be learned very easily and at a fast pace. That is, the simplicity of PHP is also its biggest feature.

It also has another advantage that this language can encrypt and decrypt your data. And like HTML and javascript, your source code is not visible in any browser, due to which it also becomes a very secure language.

And another advantage of its language is that you do not have to pay much attention to its syntax. And if you have your C language and javascript, then it will be easier for you to learn PHP language.

The speciality of this language is that it is used to design a "Dynamic website". When a user sends a request to a PHP web page from his browser, in which this code resides.

This PHP code is processed inside the PHP module installed on the web server. PHP pre-processor generates HTML output. Which you see in your web browser.

PHP is used?

  • Many databases are used with PHP like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.
  • PHP is used in web applications.
  • Cookies are set and accessed.
  • There are many frameworks for PHP.
  • PHP provides privacy to its pages.
  • The code of one PHP is included in the code of another PHP.
  • The code of one PHP is included in the code of another PHP.
  • The value of the variable of a webpage can be accessed on any webpage from the session.
  • Files are open, closed, read and written in PHP.
  • Files or emails are sent to anyone.

Friends PHP is being used to develop dynamic web pages. The full name of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. Earlier it was known as Personal Home Page. Nowadays, PHP is quite popular for building dynamic websites or web applications.

If you have good knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), then you will not feel much difficulty in learning PHP.

If you want to work on PHP then you must also know about Database Management systems.

Basic Features Variety of PHP

To meet the needs of various types of core libraries included in it are more than 1000 useful functions, which are defined to easily meet different types of real-life needs.

The better the hold on these Core Library Functions, the better it is on PHP as well. That is, the better you learn to use these Core Functions of PHP, the better PHP Programmer you become.

PHP is a very simple and General Purpose Scripting Language which is like 70% “C” Language and the remaining 30% “C++” and “Java” Programming Language. So if you know one or more programming languages ​​"C", "C++" and "Java", then you can easily learn PHP and create a Dynamic Website or Web Application using it. can.

What can be made with PHP?

  • CMS
  • Dynamic website
  • Static Website
  • web-based software
  • Desktop applications
  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Themes

In present times, PHP is the most popular scripting language used on the web. So if you want to understand these Frameworks also well, then you can understand these Frameworks better only if you have good knowledge of Core PHP.

The following popular websites are built on PHP.

  • FaceBook
  • Wikipedia
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • Freelance

The most used web server after PHP is IIS Web Server, which is designed by Microsoft Company. Since this web server is designed by Microsoft Company, this web server better supports Microsoft Company's Server Side Scripting Language ASP.Net, which internally uses VB.Net and C#.Net.

Where and how to learn PHP?

If you want to learn PHP and work with its help, then you can also study PHP online, you will find many such websites and YouTube channels online from which you will get a chance to learn PHP for free. Let us tell you a list of some such websites.

  • w3schools.com (FREE)
  • tutorialspoint.com (FREE)
  • learn-php.org (FREE)
  • codecademy.com (FREE/PAID)
  • Udemy.com (FREE/PAID)

Apart from all this, if you do a little research on YouTube, you will find a lot of good classes, where you will get to know everything about PHP for free, and you will also get to learn a lot about it.

So friends today we told you in this post what is PHP? And how can you learn it, we will tell you only that in today's time you should also have knowledge about coding, and should also become.