What is C++? Where and how to learn C++. complete information

Many people want to know what is C++, and maybe you have also come here to know the same, today we will tell you what is C++, and will also tell you what is the difference between C++ and C language. .So keep reading this article thoroughly and completely.

Do you also have an interest in Coding or Programming? If it is, that's a good thing. Nowadays everyone should learn to program, and C ++ is also a part of this, about which we are going to give you information today.

As we told you that nowadays it is a very good thing to learn coding or programming, and everyone should be aware of it, still the time is going on sub digital, and in such a situation you can think that the time to come will be faster. It is going to grow, and at the same time, it is also going to be very much needed.

Friends, C ++ is also a coding language like PHP, CSS, and HTML. It is also used to make a program.

You also use software and apps to make your daily life easier. Examples of software - There is other software like Chrome, Windows, VLC, etc.
The language we are telling you about today is the world's oldest programming language, about which we are going to tell you in detail today. Also, where is C programming used?

And today we are going to give you complete information about how to learn the C language, so read this article thoroughly and completely, so that you understand everything well and do not miss anything.

What is C++?

What is C++

C++ is a programming language that is part of the Object Oriented Programming System. This language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985. It uses the abstraction of data using a concept named "classes", among other features, to allow object-oriented programming.

There are no virtual functions in C. C is a middle-level programming language, which uses a top-down approach. A namespace is not available in the C language. There are currently over 35 different operators in C++, which can perform everything from arithmetic and bit manipulation to logical operations, comparisons, and more.

The main purpose of C++ programming was to add object-oriented concepts to the already available C programming. In today's time, Object Oriented Programming is considered the best in programming.

Programs written in the C++ programming language can be run on operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows, etc. Classes are created to use object-oriented concepts.

Software of various types of Mobile Platforms, Satellite Connected Software, Set Top Box etc. are also developed in "C++" language. The "C++" language is used to make the programming codes of iPhone and iPad easy and reusable.

What is the difference between C language and C++?

  1. C language is a procedure-oriented programming language and C++ is a procedure and object-oriented programming language.
  2. Function overloading is never done in C language whereas it is in C++.
  3. C language is a top-down approach whereas C++ is a bottom-up approach.
  4. There is no inheritance in C language while it is in C++.
  5. A namespace is also not found in C language whereas it is found in C++.
  6. C language is a middle-level programming language whereas C++ is a high-level programming language.
  7. C++ has a polymorphism concept whereas C language does not.
  8. There is no virtual function in C language whereas there is in C++.
  9. Exception handling is not possible in C language whereas it is in C++.
  10. C++ has both user-defined and built-in data types, whereas C language has only built-in data types.
  11. C++ has operator overloading whereas C language does not.
  12. The concept of encapsulation does not work in C language, whereas it does in C++.
  13. C language does not support reference variables whereas C++ does.

Why learn C++?

As we studied earlier, C++ is a base language for many programming languages. Therefore, learning C++ as the core language will play an important role while studying other programming languages. It shares similar concepts such as data types, operators, control statements and many more.

'C' can be widely used in various applications. It is a simple language and provides fast execution. There are many jobs available for 'C' developers in the current market. In today's date, you will get a lot of saree jobs, and in the coming time also it will be used a lot.

If you learn C++, then you will not have any problem learning other computer programming languages, after learning the C language, you can make both system software and application software of the computer.

Let us tell you that C ++ is the most basic programming language. If you enter the programming field of the computer

If you want, first you have to learn C++. If you learn another programming language without learning C++.

C ++ language is very popular in Computer Programming Languages ​​and its programming language is still used in making much software.

Where and how to learn C++?

If you want to learn C++ and work with it, then you can also read C++ online, you will find many such websites and YouTube channels online from which you will get a chance to learn C++ for free. Let us tell you a list of some such websites.

  • w3schools.com (FREE)
  • tutorialspoint.com (FREE)
  • codewithharry.com (FREE)
  • codecademy.com (FREE/PAID)
  • Udemy.com (FREE/PAID)

Apart from all this, if you do a little research on YouTube, you will find a lot of good classes, where you will get to know everything about C++ for free, and you will also get to learn a lot about it.

So friends today we told you in this post what is C++? And how can you learn it, we will tell you only that in today's time you should also have knowledge about coding, and should also become.

This is going to be needed the most in the coming times, everything is now being done online and with the help of electronics, and at the same time, e everything has become smart too.

So if you have anything that we told you today in this post if there is any such thing that you have not understood, then you can ask us in the comment box given below, we will try our best to help you. And also do share this post as well.