What is BIS and what are its functions

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Often we all hear different types of words many times, which often contain short form words, BIS is also one of those about which you will often get to hear but many people know BIS Full Form and what is BIS. If you do not know about it, then you should read our complete article for its information.


It is the National Standards Ministry of India, which deals with the work of consumer affairs, standards, product and system certification schemes etc. of the country.

What is BIS

What is BIS

As we have told you that this is the Bureau of Indian Standards and its work is the certification of consumer affairs, products and standard system of the Government of India and if we tell it in simple language, then it certifies the purity of any precious commodity or metal etc. As we must have seen that the gold that we buy is in different carats, it is the work of BIS to certify them.

It examines and certifies many different valuable items like gold, silver and many metals like diamond and platinum and its functions are as follows.

  • quality check
  • creating standards
  • quality certification and control
  • Developing a National Strategy for Recognition of Standards
  • Related to Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme
  • related to hallmark
  • Creating a laboratory accreditation plan
  • tracking user activities

As you all know that the valuable Vastu of any country is very useful for that country and it plays an important role in maintaining the economy to this there is always a danger of adulteration in it, sotIS to protect it. It was formed to do the work of checking and certification valuables.


As you know that BIS works to certify any valuable item and it shows the certified item in the following way, we are telling you about the hallmark of gold which is something like this.

  • If the hallmark number is 354 then it means 35.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 465 then it means 46.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 580 then it means 58.0% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 648 then it means 64.8% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 705 then it means 70.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 836 then it means 83.6% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 965 then it means 96.5% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 164 then it means 16.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 264 then it means 26.4% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark number is 1000 then it means 100% pure gold.

In this way, a metal like gold is shown as a hallmark and it shows the purity of any metal and how much adulteration is there in it.

It was established on 23 December 1986 and its headquarter is located in Manek Bhawan Old Delhi, but keeping in mind its large area in India, its 5 other offices have been established which are located in Chandigarh, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Is.

What is a BIS certificate and why is it necessary

By the BIS certificate, original and adulterated metals etc. are checked as inexpensive items, as if any expensive metal from abroad is imported into India, then first it has to go through the BIS check, they check it in their way. After that, when it gets approval from BIS, then that metal can come to India and it can be sold in the market.

After checking them, its certificate is also made and it takes up to 6 months to make a BIS license after checking it, the hallmark of BIS can be put on the Vastu so that the public can know that it is the original product. And people should have faith in it and people can shop without any fear or hassle.

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