how to prevent debit card hacking

Hello friends, in today's article, we are going to give you information about how to prevent debit card hacking, often people keep asking us questions about how we can secure our ATM card and how to save it from being hacked. If so, today we are going to give you information about this.

It is often heard many times that the ATM of many people gets hacked and due to this money is withdrawn from their bank without their permission, all this can also be due to your small negligence, so we are going to tell you some ways. With which you can secure your ATM, any person can hack your ATM only when he has information about your ATM, it can be known to other people in many ways until no one knows about your ATM. Till then your ATM remains secure.

how to prevent debit card hacking

how to prevent debit card hacking

If you want to secure your ATM, then for this you have to follow the method given by us, by this you can make your ATM more secure than before.

1. ATM usage

Many people get so busy with their work that they do not go to withdraw money from ATM, due to which they ask another person to withdraw money from ATM, this is a big mistake because the next person will balance your account. Along with watching, you can keep your PIN with you and if you get a chance, you can steal your ATM and withdraw money as per your wish.

Therefore, do not allow your ATM to be used by any other person, as far as possible, do the work of transactions on your own with your own hands.

2. Be careful in online payment

Due to many reasons, we have to pay online through an app or website and as there are thousands of applications and websites like Paytm, PayPal, and phones pe from which we pay online, then we should be very careful in this way.

You should be very careful while making online payments from ATMs, many companies save the information of your ATM by doing online transactions, which increases the risk of your ATM being hacked.

Therefore, for transactions, you should always choose a trusted website so that your ATM is not misused.

3. Caution in Online Shopping

If you do online shopping, then you should be most careful at that time because most hackers target anyone through online shopping sites, so you should pay special attention while shopping.

Whenever you do shopping, at that time you get the option of cash on delivery, if you choose it, then you do not have to give credit card or debit card details and your money is taken from you only at the time of delivery, this is a very safe method. It happens.

4. Downloading Untrusted App

There are many apps that hackers make to hack any phone, if you download such an app once, then after that, all your data goes to the hacker, he can easily hack your ATM. can.

You should not install any untrusted app or any unnecessary application and if you have already installed it and it is not necessary for you, then uninstall them, this will keep your data secure.

5. Via Public WiFi

If you use public WiFi, then you should be very careful because many times hackers can steal your phone's data by luring WiFi, they put a virus in your phone through WiFi so that they can easily access your phone. data can be hacked.

In this way, along with your phone's data, they can also find out your ATM details so that your ATM can be hacked, so public WiFi should be used very carefully.

6. Keeping the PIN with the ATM Card

Most people fall prey to this problem because they keep their ATM card and PIN together or write the PIN code on the ATM itself, due to which their ATM is stolen or lost somewhere in the future, then the next person will have their PIN also available with ATM so that they can easily withdraw money.

If you use ATM then you should always remember your PIN and if you cannot remember your PIN then you should write your PIN in any safe place so that your PIN does not fall into any wrong hands.

7. Malware can be dangerous

Most hackers put viruses or malware in any device to hack it, with the help of which they can steal your data, this problem is for both mobile users and PC users, so you should always use good antivirus on your phone. should.

It is safer to use a premium antivirus than free antivirus, if you can spend some money then you can always use this premium antivirus.

Use this, no one will be able to hack your system and your data will be safe.

8. Don't Share OTP

OTP is great security as well as a better important part, which prevents your ATM from being misused is extremely important.

If you are not doing any transaction, you get OTP from any kind of bank, then you must complain about it on the bank helpline and if someone asks you for OTP through SMS or call, then you should not tell OTP and file a complaint against him.

Conclusion - With the methods, we have told you, you can very easily save your ATM from being hacked and your caution only keeps your data safe, you can save your debit card or credit card to a great extent by following the above-mentioned method. can increase security. If you want to ask any question related to saving your ATM card from being hacked, then you can tell us by commenting and if you like the information, then also share it with your friends so that other people can also get information about it.