How to start Solar Panel Business in India?

In today's time, we can earn money sitting at home in many ways, one of which is by doing business of solar energy plate / solar panel, we can earn very good money, through this we can earn lakhs of rupees a month. And we do not have to work too hard in this, so let's know in today's article how we can earn lakhs of rupees from the business of solar panel sitting at home, I will tell you the complete way about How to start Solar Panel Business in India, please read our information till the last.

In today's time, if we want to do any business, then we are getting a lot of help from the government for that because our Indian government also wants that the citizens of India should now become self-reliant. And India is also cooperating a lot in this mission, many businesses have been started in India in the last year 2021, such as ration shops, small medical shops were opened and many companies were also opened and most importantly online. Many such things are taking India towards a new direction, we should also give our support in this and start a new business in India so that India gets a new direction towards progress.

How to start Solar Panel Business

How to start Solar Panel Business

If you are thinking of doing business in India and want to do business inside India, then the best business in today's time is the business of solar energy plate / solar panels, you do not have to invest much in this business. And from here you also get good returns, so let's know how we can start this business, what are the things we will need for this business and who can do this business.
In today's time, the demand for Solar Panel is increasing inside India and in today's time it is being used everywhere, it is being used to make free electricity nowadays and as we know that electricity Every house, factory, school, college, hospital and shop is needed, so from this you can imagine how much it is going to be used in future.

Solar Panels What are Solar Panels

Solar panels convert the sun's energy into electric energy and it is used to use all the electrical equipment, these solar panels are made of solar cells and all the solar panels of today's time are mostly silicon solar. are made which is much more profitable and by this, its life increases even more

There are mainly four types of solar panels

There are many business opportunities in the solar industry, if you start this business then you can earn up to ₹ 100000 per month and for this, you will need very little investment and your business can be very successful.

Solar Panel Dealership

If you are one of those people who want to earn more profit with less investment then you can choose this business, here you need to invest very little and you can start your business here when your If business starts running then you can start your business at your home or by taking a shop, this is a very good way for you to start a business in less money.

Solar Power Distributor

If you people are already in any business then you must know about it, then whenever you want to come in this business, you can work as a Distributor and move the company's goods from here to there. In this too you have full potential to make a lot of profit and profit and if you do it with all your heart then I can say that you can earn more than 50,000 rupees in 1 month from this

Solar Panel Installer

Whenever a customer wants to buy any kind of solar panel from the company, then the company needs a mechanic to fit it at the customer's house and the company does this work through private people. So if you have some people who know such work then you can form your team and join this company whenever any order comes to this company and they can get solar panels (solar panels) anywhere. If you want to install Solar Panel, then you will tell it to the people and if you people will get its money, then you can start it too, in this you do not need any kind of investment.

Solar Energy Project Manager

This is also a very good job if you guys know how to make a project and you have a little knowledge of how solar panels are set up and how to make them sit in a structure, then you guys can do this job.

In this job, you have to give complete information about which rate to apply to the solar plate at any customer's house, what will be their structure and which plate will be installed where you can earn very good money.

How to buy more solar panels

If you are thinking of starting your own business in which you want to buy solar panels but you are in a lot of confusion as to where to buy solar panels and from where you will have to get a license for this, then you should not worry at all. I will give you the complete information in this article today, please I request that you must read this information of mine till the end, if you do not understand my information till the end, then you will not be able to understand my complete information.

If you want to buy solar panels on a large scale, then first you have to get a license from the company, after the license is approved, you will have to sign an agreement whenever you deal with any company for solar panels, that company will be with you. Will make an agreement, after that, you will have to pay some money to the company, this money may vary from company to company, so I will not be able to give you complete information about it.

When you get a license to sell solar panels from that company, then you will first need a shop, if you want, you can start it from your home, but I think that you guys start with a shop. If we do then it will come to the mind of people that this is a new shop, we should take goods on it.

Where to put solar panels

Many people think that if they have a house, then where should they put the solar panels, then friends, you do not need a separate place to install solar panels, if you have a house and If that house has a roof, then you can get solar panels installed on that roof itself, there is no problem in it and if you want to install solar panels on a large scale, then you can install solar panels in your farm or around you. Vacant land is lying, you can get it planted among yourself, but I am of your opinion that if you want to get it planted in your field, then this will be the best way.

How to make a small powerhouse with solar panels

If you want to be free from electricity bills, then you can build a small solar plant at your home. For this, our state government also comes out with a lot of special offers from time to time, in this, we get a very good discount, the government also supports us to build a solar plant and in today's time, the Indian government is giving a lot of help. has been

You can install a solar plant in your house or your vacant land, and with this, you can easily make electricity from 500 kW to 5000 kW, in this you will not have any problem, but friends, if you have 1000 kW. If you want to build a plant of more than this, then you have to take permission from the government for this, which is also available very easily.

Loan facility for solar panels

If you want to start your own solar power business, then you do not need much money for this because the government has taken care of it a lot and a subsidy is also being given by the government on its behalf whenever you start solar power. If the house will be set up and started, then the details of all the money you will spend during the project will go to the Government of India through banks and you will be given a loan by the Government of India in very few forms, apart from this you will get a lot of money. All the subsidies will be told in which you can get a discount of 200000 to 300000.

License and Certification

For this many types of certification will be required. You must qualify to obtain these licenses and certificates, which include the following certificates.


The Article of Association

An article of Memorandum

An Article of Commentary (Certificate of Commencement)

If the authority gets wrong information in any way, it will not give a license to you, two main certificates and documents named Article of Association and Article of Memorandum will be strictly required to start a business.

How much will it cost to install a 5-kilowatt solar panel

We have many farmer brothers who have to install 5-kilowatt solar panels so that their water can be replenished easily, so let me tell you that in India at present, the cost of a 1-kilowatt solar panel is around 22000 to ₹ 24000. So you can estimate accordingly that if we want a 5-kilowatt solar panel, then its cost will be between ₹ 100000 to ₹ 140000.

Apart from this, friends, there are many different expenses, this is what I have told you, it is only the cost of solar panels.


So friends, in today's article, I told you how you can start a solar panel business, how much will it cost you to start a solar panel business and how much money you can earn from this business. If you want to install solar panels in your house, then what are the things you should keep in mind, I have told you about all these things in it.

I hope you liked the information about How to start Solar Panel Business in India given by me, if you liked this information, then you can comment to us and if you want to give any suggestion or opinion to us, then you can tell us in the comment box.