physics in simple

concept in the word of Aparna…

1.Theory of
relativity:- This theory might   have
been  developed when someone might have
sit on the train and after sitting there for 5 to 10 times he might have heard
a song
की रास्ते छुट्टे जाते हैं हम आगे बढ़ते जाते हैं।Then to but it in science copy he wrote the whole पोथी पत्र of minus and plus and he finally after
failing so much time and becoming a
पागल बुड्ढा became able to write down with a bottle of wine with some बुड्ढा like him that when any n thing start from the same point
and goes in the same direction  they
reach the same place and when they start from different point reaches different
destination. Well let you all show the scatter diagram in practicality Suppose
there is traffic and whole road is a paper so car and different kind of
vehicles are put then this same and opposite rush linearity all are the reason
for accident or safe journey . Well maza aya na …theory of relativity ko asan
bhasa me samajhne me