Current Pandemic Situation

Coronavirus has 3.45Cr new cases right now with 4.64L deaths. Presently it is not spreading severely and has decreased its effect slightly. But still, we should be careful by wearing masks, using sanitizers, maintaining hygiene, and get vaccinated as the third wave is in its way. The covid-19 virus became a part of our daily lives. We should not forget its adverse destruction as it is less right now cause it hasn't ended yet. It might have started as a small virus in Wuhan city in China, but now it is spread worldwide. It had stopped the world and drove away many people like flood erodes soil.

Coronavirus has made many people jobless, leaving them stuck in the middle of this pandemic fighting with a new virus, and as if it was not enough, food was scarce, and even if they found some food, they didn't have money to buy it. The Coronavirus was taking the lives of our loved ones, leaving our lives shattered. Many street sellers and small shop owners lost their livelihood. Because of this virus, big companies like Ford only closed their company in India, leaving many employees unemployed. What can we talk about other companies after this? 

But this pandemic had some excellent effects, too it brought us together, arose humanity in our hearts, and let us put the world first. People like Sonu Sood helped many people to go to their villages. A girl gave all the money their parents saved for her studies for the betterment of the world. And many other people living in this fast-moving world started realizing that unity is strength; instead of just working for their improvement or providing their family with everything, they began helping others. It brought out kindness and made us realize that we are all human beings. It also increased relations among family members as they started staying at home, their interaction with family increased, thereby family relations improved. 

Some NGOs also remembered the street animals, fed them, and proved that we are still concerned about fellow creatures. However, some people who used to stick together and always had each other's backs are now becoming self-centered. They are not helping other people when they are affected by covid-19. But they do not realize that others won't help them when they are involved too. Some didn't help their own family by leaving food at their doorstep or taking them to the hospital when the entire family was affected by COVID. Coronavirus brought out the true colors of the people around us, showing us who truly cares about us. 

As everyone stayed at their homes, the pollution decreased immensely, leading to the timely rains and improved the environment. This virus also took away the difference between rich and poor. The rich man has realized that even if he had set aside a lot of money throughout the years, money couldn't always save a life. Poor people who lived near the roads and didn't even have food due to no work had no other option than to see their loved ones die in front of their eyes. A woman sat in front of a government hospital with her husband laying in her laps, suffering from Corona, hoping a bed would be free. But her hope shattered when he died in her lap because of no vacancy of beds, and this incident touched many people's hearts, and this is not the only one; the list goes on. 

Youth who lost jobs started freelancing until they found a job. Few people had started their online businesses. Some lost their lives at the start because they were scared of the new virus and, even if they were mildly affected, started committing suicide as they were not used to staying alone in the house, isolated. But we need to be strong as maybe not this virus, but surely life will put you through challenging situations, and you need to be strong enough to face them. The education sector broke because of this virus, and students were most affected. Many students who did so well in the school became uninterested in studies as results were not as they deserved. When they applied for re-evaluation, as many students applied, they didn't do that properly either. Now they lack motivation and try to study but end up procrastinating about it.

Anyway, Coronavirus at least taught us hygiene. All we can do right now is hope that the future will be better, and more than that, help each other and stay united in thought and spirit while doing the work we are supposed to do.