What is Prosophobia?

Prosophobia is the fear of making  progress.  People suffering from Prosophobia become
extremely anxious when they face a situation where they are required to make
any sort of progress in their life. Even a mere thought of making any progress
triggers anxiety in people suffering from such condition.


Symptoms of

1.  Display high level of anxiety making progress

2.    Anxiety in people suffering from this condition is triggered by a mere
thought of making any kind of progress in life.


3.    Mediocre efforts are put forward purposely by the people suffering from
this condition.

4.    People suffering from this condition are not able to cope up with very
strong emotions

5.    Prosophobia patients might experience panic attacks

6.    Heart rate and shakiness increases

7.    Rate of breathing and sweating increases


Causes of

 The reasons for Prosophobia are still unknown However,
it is believed that the contributors to the development of this disease might be
genetics and environmental factors.

 For instance:

Someone may experience a traumatic incident where
they are constantly told that “they are not good enough”. In such situations,
there are high chances where someone might develop Prosophobia as such
statements may greatly impact the mind of an adolescent.

 What are the
recommended Prosophobia Treatments?

There is no
treatment that is specifically designed for Prosophobia. However, there might be
some recommended activities which are:


Exercising for Prosophobia


 People who are
suffering from anxiety disorders including Prosophobia, for them exercising is
highly recommended as it is very beneficial for them.



can specifically
act as a great stress buster. Moreover, instead of opting weight-resistance
training, one should opt aerobic exercise for relieving their stress as it has
been proven that aerobic exercises are more effective at releasing the feel-good
chemicals in the brain such as endorphins


Yoga technique
for Prosophobia

People suffering
from Prosophobia can adopt different yoga postures to make themselves better
and healthy. Practising yoga helps in reliving anxiety related to Prosophobia.
This is because when anyone including prosophobic people would perform Yoga,
their mind would be diverted towards doing a productive thing and the anxiousness
would be reduced.



For new beginners,
who have not ever performed yoga before can watch online videos or take physical
classes. The more you practice the postures, the better you will be at it and healthier
you will be!


If we do the analysis,
following Yoga won’t only help in reducing the symptoms of Prosophobia but also
help in building your body’s strength and flexibility!