Who owns Land Rover?



Originally started as a Bicycle manufacturer
in 1885 in England to start a Sports utility vehicle manufacturing JLR Motors
has come a long way, currently, Land Rover is owned by Indian company Tata
Motors. Let’s have a look at the history of Land Rover Motors and how it was
owned by an Indian company?

Tata Industries-

Started as a trading company in 1868
by Jamshed Ji Tata, later being one of the biggest and oldest industries in
India, from producing Steel to Tea, Tata industries have many subsidiaries, and Tata
motors are one of them

Tata Motors History-

Tata Motors is one of the oldest Automotive
companies started in 1998 by Ratan Tata, originally started as a Locomotive the manufacturer then Manufacturing commercial vehicles, Tata Motors launched Indica
as their first passenger vehicle which was a huge success for the company, this
is where Tata motors started to grow very rapidly. Some of the highest selling
cars for Tata motors were-

Tata Sierra

Tata Safari

Tata Indica

Tata Sumo

Tata Harrier

Nexon(one of the highest-selling and safest cars in India)

(Tata Motors also
has recorded for creating the most inexpensive car “Nano” rear engine hatchback
with a dual cylinder engine having 625 ccs and 38 ps of power)

These are some of the Cars which
helped the company to build a huge empire in the country


  • 1947: Rover
    Company Chairman Maurice Wilks designs the first Land Rover model, built
    on a Jeep axle and chassis.

  • April 30, 1948: The first Land Rover officially debuts at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

  • 1967: Rover Company becomes Rover Triumph, as part of Leyland Motors (later British Leyland Motors).

  • 1978: Land Rover Limited becomes its own company under British Leyland Motors, 30 years after the creation of the first Land Rover model.

  • 1994: The Rover Group is acquired by BMW.

  • 2000: The Rover Group is broken up by BMW and
    Land Rover is sold to Ford.

  • 2008: Tata Motors
    based in India purchases Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford

Relationship with

Land Rover has seen much ownership
till now, from British Leyland in 1978 to BMW Group 1994 to Ford Motors in 2000
which was finally purchased by Tata motors in 2008 as a whole subsidiary

·       Tata Motors-
Tata Motors purchased both companies Jaguar and Land Rover as one major company
with Bidding in competition with Mahindra&Mahindra(Indian automotive
company) it cost them a huge 1.7B$

·       Currently, JLR is working as a British Entity
and is producing both Jaguar and Land Rover, Range Rover in 5 Countries

·       Land Rover also works for the Australian and
British Military providing them heavy-duty Machines capable of roaming anywhere
from sand to climbing on steep surfaces

·       Currently, the company is also working on
Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Tata Motors and
Ford Motors-

It should be called Ratan Tata v/s
Ford because in 1999 when Tata Motors was in Huge financial trouble they
reached out to Ford, Ford motors were interested in purchasing the company but Bill
Ford the chairman of the company humiliated Tata by saying we’re doing favors on
you by buying Vehicle division of Tata, This is what after Ratan Tata canceled
the deal and returned to India, 9 years after Ford was at bankruptcy this is
where Tata showed up and bought JLR from Ford, and turned it into a successful venture

& Business-

JLR Motors have their Manufacturing plant in 5 countries
where Jaguar and Land Rovers are manufactured,

-Pune, India    -Liverpool, UK    -Slovakia   -Brazil  
(in partnership
with cherry)

produced Land Rovers and Jaguars

Range Rover

·       Range Rover Evoque- Introduced in 2011

·       Defender- Introduced
in 2019

·       Range Rover Sport and Velar- Introduced in 2005 and 2017

·       Range Rover Discovery- Introduced in 1989, one of the oldest and
highest-selling Range Rover to date, Comes with an additional  model Range Rover Discovery Sport


·       Jaguar XE-
Introduced in 2015

·       Jaguar XF-Introduced
in 2007

·       Jaguar F Type- Introduced in 2013

·       Jaguar F Pace- Introduced in 2015

·       Jaguar I Pace- Introduced in 2021 as an Electric

Business Ideas
and Upcoming Plans-

In 2019 the company has stated that
they are in full swing for Electrification for Both Jaguar and Range Rover from In the year 2020 only electric models will be produced giving competition to the
current biggest electric manufacturer Tesla Motors and Porsche.

Why Electrification
of Cars?

As most of the companies are looking
forward to electric cars as they are easy to manufacture, and they don’t have
to deal with emission norms which caused huge problems to VW Group in recent
years. And Electric market is currently new to everyone and has huge potential
many startups like Lucid Air have taken this seriously and manufacturing low-cost

And one of the biggest reasons is
governments are giving tax reduction for companies and the buyer which make it
more interesting and maintenance cost is very very low compared to traditional

Current Electric
Competitors World Wide-

Tesla Motors- Model S, Model 3(cheapest Tesla), Model
X, Model Y
(Direct competitor to Land Rover as it
is an SUV)

Chevrolet Bolt

Tata Motors-
Nexon EV(Cheapest EV)

Porsche- Porsche Taycan (2nd fastest EV
after Tesla S Plaid)

Ford- Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning

Hyundai- Kona

Business and

Few years were awful for JLR as
the sales were dropped to a high extent which mainly caused Ford Motors to sell
JLR to Tata Motors still the company is in Huge Debt but is picking up pace
from mid-2019 company faced a loss of 395 million and a profit of 156 million, Tata
Motors was also looking for a partnership for joint-venture in JLR

Current sales of JLR Combined- (source:-
Jaguar land rover Pvt. Limited)

Marketing and

Range Rovers are an all-time favorite
for celebrities in Movies, Because of their sleek design, posh interiors, and
always work as a status symbol. Take it from James Bond Movie: Skyfall to
Upcoming No time to die or The Captian America: Winter Soldier. These are some
of the movies where Jaguar Range Rover Marketing teams work very cleverly, by
showing its capabilities and power

Even Singers like Charlie Puth is also
involved in these campaigns like his new song “I warned my self” where
he was showing his Jaguar XE

Quality Control-

·       Earlier reports showed poor quality control
over JLR, cars were malfunctioning, breakdowns, engine issues

·       Most of the issues were shown in Velar and
Evoque, where the company fixed it for free but this led to the decline of
trust by the customers towards JLR

·       Reports also showed Range Rovers have a very low-reliability percentage only 68% and the servicing charges are hefty as
compared to other manufacturers.


As I told you before JLR has quality
control issues but in China, it was more than that production issues, quality issues,
reliabilities issues, the fewer amount of sales network and dealers were
selling jaguar at 30% less which faced a heavy loss

Semiconductor shortage- This problem occurred
in Jan 2021 as Mercedes and JLR run short on semiconductors, which caused them
to work only on 50% potential which will heavily affect the Q2 quarter for
these companies

Emission Norms- JLR were accused of
cheating with emissions of their cars, where the office released a statement saying “we follow emission norms and we don’t use any cheat device
and software to hide their emissions”

After the VW Emission Scandals
Regulatory were made strict toward companies where they find Jaguar XE and Range
Rover was emitting 9 times and 11 times more carbon than normal norms this is
where JLR has to recall 44’000 cars for over emission.



Land Rover The defender was awarded as 2021 best car design

Range Rover Sport
Completed its millionth sales

Awarded as one of
the safest cars