Time Management skills that everyone should know

 Have you ever wondered why we feel so short of time these days. Why do we get tense when we do not work on time, if not then read this article till the end. In this article, I will share with you 15 tips from Sudhir Dixit's book Time Management, so that you can achieve your best version. So without further due let's talk about 15 Time Management Skills to improve your time utilisation.

  1. Keep a Log of Time : Just as you budget for money, in the same way budget for time. To make a budget, you have to calculate where your money is being spent. Follow the same policy in case of time also. Take a diary and keep a record of how much time you spend in which work for a week. Remember there is only one week, you have to do this. The more detail you keep in the log book, the more profit you will get. After a week, sit on Sunday and analyze this entire record thoroughly. With this analysis, you will get to know which work is meaningless or in which activity you are giving more time than necessary. You can get extra time only if you leave some old activity.
  2. Set Financial Goals : If you don't know where you want to reach, you can't get anywhere. If you don't have a goal, then how will you plan to reach it, so if you want to do something in life, then setting a goal is important for you and without it, it will not work. The clearer your goal is, the higher is your chances of succeeding. Let us understand this with an example. The wife of a salesman was admitted in the hospital for a long time. Surprisingly, that year the salesmen sold twice as much as the average sales. When the salesman was asked the secret of his success, he said that the hospital bill was placed in front of him and he knew exactly how much he would have to sell to pay the bill.  From this example it becomes clear that if a person is determined, then he can achieve his financial goal provided he has a clear goal in front of him.
  3. Do the most important work first : Our daily routine is such that we start doing whatever work comes in front of us and because of this, all our time goes to doing small tasks. But the ambitious man is cautious about this because he knows that in order to get success, it is necessary that important work should be done first. And for this, they have a diary in which their work list is according to the priority. You can do this too. You take a diary and make three columns in that diary named A, B and C. In column A, put your most important work which you consider essential. In column B, keep such work which is not mandatory but not important. In column C, keep such common work, which is neither important nor mandatory. First of the day, complete the first work of A column, then start the work of B column and then do the work of C column only when there is time left. 
  4. Make complete use of travel time : Common people go to simple sit idle and do nothing during travel time, while successful people make maximum use of their valuable time. Mahatma Gandhi used to take sleep while traveling so that he could stay refreshed. When Napoleon went to war with the army, he used his time well by writing characters on the way. Microsoft founder Bill Greats follows this principle by doing important things on mobile while traveling. All successful people have been cautious about time because they know that time is very powerful and success is possible only by using it properly. You and I can also take advantage of our travel time. It takes a lot of time for employed people to travel from home to office. You can make meaningful use of it by doing some important work in this time.
  5. Work in your prime time : At a particular time of the day, your energy and efficiency are higher than at other times. This is your prime time. Do your most important or creative tasks during this time, so that they can be done well and quickly. Sometimes so much happens in an hour which is not normally known in a day. Remember quality of time is more important than quantity of time. This is called Quality Time. The person who is not very successful makes a goal of working 8 hours a day; More successful is the person who sets the goal of doing 8 or 9 tasks a day, the only difference between the two is that the first person gives importance to the quantity of time and the second to the quality of time and that is why their success is tremendous which makes the difference.
  6.  Do organise yourself : Unorganized life creates many difficulties in front of us. One of the difficulties is that our time is wasted unnecessarily and the sad part is that we ourselves are to blame for it. The most common example of unorganized work is the absence of any paper or file. It is estimated that people working in the office waste about 30 minutes every day searching for a paper or file. Due to laziness or haste, we do not keep something in the right place and then disturb the office or home in finding it. In the end we find that thing at a place where it should not have been kept. To make the best use of time, we should lead an organized life. Keep in mind that if your routine is organized then your life will also be organized and when your life is organized then you will be able to make the best use of time easily.
  7. Engage yourself in action : We all know that we cannot be successful without working hard, but the amazing thing is that in spite of this, we keep working hard, keep postponing the work, making excuses for not being in the mood, arguing for lack of time or resources. That is, they do everything except work. If you want to reap the harvest of success in the future, then you have to sow the seeds for it today. If you don't sow seeds, how can you expect to reap in the future? The whole creation works on the principle of karma and fruit, so you will get the results in proportion to your karma. If you want success, then work hard and keep working till you become successful. If you learn to make the best use of time, then in the long run time will reward you with the thing you strongly want.
  8.  Increase your work efficiency : If you know typing, do one thing. Remember the time when you first started typing. How fast could you type then? Maybe five words per minute and what is the situation now? Maybe thirty words per minute. Why so? Because you learned typing, you practiced continuously, as a result of which your typing speed increased. You have to do the same in the time zone. Desire is the first condition for increasing efficiency. You must have a desire for it. The second condition of increasing efficiency is knowledge. You have this knowledge. How should the capacity be increased. For this read the book, go to the seminar. The third condition is to compare with your past performance. Think that if yesterday you did some work in one and a half hour, how can it be done in one and a half hour today? Just keep in mind that the quality of the work should not decrease. Do not let the work get spoiled in the hurry to save time. 
  9. Set your deadlines : After all, what happens in the deadline, which increases your capacity and makes you complete the work faster? The first thing is that it gives you a clear goal, secondly, you make a plan and discipline yourself to follow it. Third, the deadline keeps your mind focused on the task, so that you can think of new ways to complete it in time. When you are given a deadline, adrenaline is released inside you and you become active and get focused and get involved in the work. You know that if the work is not completed on time, then there will be disaster, so you get up a little early in the morning, work till late at night. Let us understand this as an example, suppose in normal condition you run one kilometer in six minutes. But if a fierce dog is chasing you, how fast will you run? Obviously, you will cover a kilometer in less than six minutes because of the dreaded dog behind you. Deadline is also the same as the dreaded dog. 
  10. Always work on schedule : There is a clock in our body, which is called biological clock, when you get used to working at a certain time, then your body adapts accordingly. So friends, you should always try that every work should be done at a fixed time so that you can use the biological clock of your body to save your time. 
  11. Wake up early in the morning : People may argue that getting up in the morning is not up to them, work is best done in the stillness of the night and they can work at night and for as long as they can, but these arguments are useless. Even after getting up at 4 o'clock there is peace and work is done relatively well in that. The main thing is that at that time the speed of work is also fast, because both the body and the mind are refreshed. Timing is not ideal. 
  12. Exercise for an hour : A person thinks that he is living for himself, but the way he spends time, it does not seem that he is living for himself. Often he eats food that belongs to his wife or child. When he returns home tired, he is also has to watch television programs of others' choice. That is, he does not even know how to find time for himself. One hour you have to take care of yourself and in this one hour you have to take care of your body. To walk, to exercise, to go to yoga or gym, to massage your body, that is, to pay attention to the health of the body as a whole. 
  13. Avoid being lazy : To save time you should avoid laziness. Whenever a difficult task comes in front of us, we start laziness and postpone it. But apart from procrastination, there are many reasons for laziness. One of the main causes of laziness is overeating. Have you ever wondered why we work best in the morning? One reason is that the body does not remain tired after taking rest at that time. The second reason is that oxygen is more in the morning and the third reason is that our stomach is empty at that time. When the stomach is empty, the brain moves faster, so we should avoid overeating at one go. When you eat less, you don't get sluggish and your energy and concentration level remains up. 
  14. Don't procrastinate : Why do people procrastinate? There are many reasons for this: either the work is boring or difficult, or it has no deadline. Whatever may be the reason for procrastination, remove it and make a habit of completing today's work today. If you postpone for tomorrow, then its loss will be that you mortgage tomorrow's time. By postponing the work that you can do today, you increase the burden of tomorrow even more. Do today's work today only so that tomorrow does not become a burden. If possible, then do some work of tomorrow also today, so that tomorrow the pressure on you is reduced and you can do new work in it. The mind is afraid of hard work, so if you want to do something in life, do not be a slave to your mind or mood. Discipline the mind and start working whether the mood is there or not. 
  15. Avoid bad habits : Alcohol and cigarettes are not only injurious to your body, but are no less harmful to your time. It is estimated that youth spends about half an hour smoking cigarettes. It takes only five minutes to smoke a cigarette, but it takes time to juggle it and create its atmosphere. Alcohol wastes time even more. One, it takes a long time to drink alcohol. After the second drink, the man is of no use. Not only this, drinking alcohol also spoils the next day, because it causes headache or hangover the next morning. Apart from cigarettes and alcohol, there are many bad addictions, which waste a lot of your time. The habit of doing evil to others or talking here and there. To argue or fight.