India is a country where we have nearly 28% of the youth population in contrast to 37 in China and 45 in Western Europe. This says about the enormous growth opportunity that India will have as the highest number of people in the workforce. In some other words, we could say that the India’s non working population would be out numbered by the working population leading to the demographic dividend which is to be in favor.

Climatic effects

The increased use of non-degradable plastics, bio-medical waste have created climatic deterioration. The pandemic had paved the way for the increased use of plastics and also we have no other go to end up without being safe. This effects leads to the increased landfilling which would cost fisheries, tourism and maritime transport and service industries with an additional billion dollars according to the report given by the UN Environmental Program.

The changes

Though the population of youth in India with the high level of unemployment is high, still there is chance of silver line beyond it. By concentrating on the demographic dividend, this leads to the increase in labour force, which in turn leads to the productive outcome. This accelerates the industrial growth. As the purchasing power of the population is high, there is no doubt in the increased domestic growth and increasing opportunities. By analyzing all these factors into the current situation, India will become the third largest country by 2030.

The younger the people the more conscious they are. They are much more of the climatic changes and impact of the land population which affects the sustainability of their growth. The natural disasters and less number of natural resources are even known to the children as it affects climate badly. The UN report also tells us that nearly half a million of the youth generation are taking action against the polluted lands through small initiatives they can make around their schools, colleges, surroundings and other communities.

The future

Sustainable future, socio-economic progress with the flourishing economies need a gradual vibrant to be empowered for the best future of the great version. India’s youth are interested in the green job as they have a great belief that healing the environment is the sustainable way to move forward. India is often in the forefront of bringing the change but there are issues like inequality which still goes in the Environment. Although the UN government has set up various employment programmes, the dominance of the informal economy still makes it difficult to reap profits.

The rising youth young population provides India with a great opportunity for growth. The labour intensive sectors needed to more skillful for the better job creation. Ensuring the components of the life skills along with the technical skills makes one to get the better satisfaction in the life.