The Covid-19 Survivor

                                                               (Photo: Shutterstock)

They have been to the edge and back. Some
survived, some died, and some struggled with isolation. This Covid-19 has messed
up with everyone’s mind. The best thing that you can do is don’t let it take
over your mind because if your mind gives up, then your body will give up too.

This story is of a guy named Danish Akhtar, 24 years
old, from a district named Koderma in Jharkhand, who tested covid positive a
month back. He never ever dreamt of getting covid positive. It was like a nightmare
for him. He used to cough so much that his throat and chest would literally
burn. He got the virus from his friend who in turn tested positive. His friend
got infected from his father who condition was very critical. With so much
things happening around, Danish was too shocked. His mental state has also
deteriorated. A cool and fun- loving guy like him would be in such a state,
this itself was shocking for his family and friends. Having reported chronic
cough and fever, he was taken to the local -government hospital and was there
for 14 days. He was only let out once he tested negative for the virus. His
friends and family supported him a lot. Initially, he was blank but his inner
will help him a lot to recover. “And yet I would turn away”, says Danish.

After he got back from hospital, the destiny had
something else in store for him. The very next day his father started having
symptoms of the virus (fever, body ache, loss of smell, etc.). Danish started
blaming himself for his father’s condition. The guilt was clearly visible in
his eyes. But he didn’t give up. He used to stay awake and took great care of
his father. Days passed, taking care and praying to Allah for his father’s
recovery. At last, after 14 days, he took his father to the hospital for the
covid test and to everyone’s happiness, he tested negative. Danish was
exhausted, delirious, ecstatic, sleepless but also grateful to Allah.

Now all Danish wants to do is put the whole ordeal
behind him as just one bad dream. His advice to those currently infected is,
Be prepared for a tough battle. Don’t let covid mess up with your mind. No
matter what, don’t give up.”