Technology uses techniques to manufacture
or make some products and services. In this modern world, Technology is very
important and ever increasing. Technology changed each of our lives in many way
till these last decade. It has a very high impact on Big industries to normal
Human beings. So, we can extremely say that Technology played a crucial role in
changing each of our lives. Technology has been Revolutionary. It gave us so
many good things. But, a coin should have two sides. It has a good and a bad side
too. Technology changed our lives, but we can't to say it changed us completely
in a positive way. Technology, of course is a boon as well as a bane!

One of the serious issue of Technology
growth is High usage of Mobile phones, especially , smart phones . Since early
times, smart phones have been revolutionary. Smart phones have had so many
advantages, it helped us in so many ways, but smart phone misuse is a major
drawback. But, it isn't the fault of its developers as they never develop it in
order to make social issues. It is us, who make it worst. So, Smart phones make
our life easier, thereby, making us lazy. Technology has become an essential
part of our lives. It has transformed luxuries into necessities. I agree with
this statement. In earlier times, affording a computer or even a television was
considered as a luxury but, now-a-days, it has become a necessity. The
generation today wants everything personal T.V., laptop, computer, etc. According
to me, technology has improved the standard of living. Owning new and latest
gadgets is a status symbol now. Earlier, there used to be the postal service.
like, if we wanted to inform anything to somebody, we wrote letters or sent
telegrams. Now, they are outdated; and are replaced by e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp,
etc. undoubtedly, it is very much faster as compared to the older systems.
Development in technology has helped the people of all ages, student, teacher,
doctor, housewife, businessman and many more.

Negative Aspect of Technology

Although technology is a good thing,
everything has two sides. Technology also has two sides one is good and the
other is bad. Here are some negative aspects of technology that we are going to

With the help of technology, students
understand what they are taught and can apply it in real life easily. Thanks to
technology, school has become a place where students love to go.

Even outside the classroom, students can
share notes online, research, annotate, collaborate on work, have study groups,
share courses and create virtually creative content online with the help of
apps like google drive. Even social media platforms like facebook and twitter
are places where students can connect with each other to share ideas, articles
and other resources with each other.
Internet is the biggest
advantage of technology. We can find anything or order anything while sitting
at home. It is a great boon to us. So, I’ll conclude by saying that, though
technology has provided us with many things but we should be wise enough to use