Take a Moment.

Every single thing in this world is not for ever lasting be it as a human life, tangible things or even non tangible feelings. There are things which are very uncertian in our human lives mostly of the time. we dont really what might happen the next second, minute or a day after. Every second changes around us, within us while our planet earth is rounding around the sun each second. One second we are happy and next second we feel bad for being happy at this certain moment. We might be poor at the beginning but after such hard work and difficulties people become rich or well renowned at certain fields of life. We might love, cherish someone at point but gradually it ends due to certian conflicts. We are born to die on this planet. Nothing is permanent on this planet even trees at point gets cut down by humans greed or natural causes which is also man made. We forget the most important person in our life at certain point of life. why? because we got too much deep in money, fame and responsibilities that we forget whom we chersih and love. Which is why it is very important to always take a moment for yourself above all this hectic schedule and think what are you really doing? Is it what you want and need in your life? Is it really working towards your side? Whether its not backfiring? such things when take to question in your mind, you gotta think logically to answer than you will know what you really need to cherish in your uncertainty of life. Take a moment for your love ones and specially for yourself to reflect upon yourself to take proper logical reasoning decisions so at a moment you won't have to ever regret choosing that path on your life. Things are uncertain in our life which we known better than other than yourself. Take a moment to think and take your life decisions.