By: Astha Raghav 

Water is the most significant natural resource which should be used properly.
Wastage of water must be avoided simply by providing training to educated people. Every person should use minimum water for daily needs such as cleaning utensils, general cleanliness, flushing in toilet, watering the garden plants, irritating the fields, in industries etc. Close the open taps water immediately so that the wastage of water can be avoided. 
Water -the elixir of life' , When people have ample facilities, they don't care but when they are short of it then only they realize how important it is to them. As water scarcity is all around in the metrocities the situation is really alarming. Man's body is 70%Water. Water is probably the most important resources on the earth. Water is essential for life i.e plant life, animal life as well as human life. It is also needed for many human activities such as cooking and washing.
What would the future be without water? Are we doing enough to save it? Perhaps not. Human callousness towards the misuse of water is taking him to a dungeon of its scarcity.  The acute shortage of water is going to affect adversely on all. People throw garbage in rivers.Water pollution is at the rise. The day is not far away when it will prove right, 'Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink'.
The need of the hour is to use it judiciously. People should use it moderately. One should underwater for plants. Everyone should stop washing cars with running water. A pledge should be taken to conserve this universal solvent.The motto of 'Save Water- Save Life' should be understood. The whole hearted efforts must be put it to save it.  To improve water management practices like rainwater harvesting, recycling etc. The UN has warned that water scarcity will become one of the most pressing problems on the planet in the coming decades, so it is high time we heed this warning and learn and practice to conserve water.
Thank you!