By: Astha Raghav

Technology today has revolutionalized our times in all possible ways. From dawn to dusk there is no time where we work without a gadget in our hand. Be it the global plague of mobile phones or our fingures struck on computers, i-pads,tabs, modern gadgets are such an integral part of our everyday life today that we can't really imagine a world without them.

Today we are completely dependent on modern gadgets. Our mobile phone is like a personal secretary with accounts of all that we do everyday. The times when we remembered the phone numbers of important contacts have long gone, now that is the job of mobile to save it in its memory. Everywhere around, we can spot young people with headphones in their ear, connected to their i-pads and unaware of their surroundings. Modern gadgets seem to have helped to connect us virtually but in reality they have forced us to  an isolated life. The human connects, especially the amount of time we used to spend with family and friends in past has today reduced to watsApp messages and Facebook updates. Perhaps if we go back to such a time when we have our life without modern gadgets, we will be able to come close to our family and friends. The connect between two persons is a human bond. Messages and emails transfer our words but they can't send the emotions which lie behind those words.

 Thus in today's time, a life without modern gadgets will be one of human emotions and feelings and not of robotic expressions and methods. We will be able to build relationships and not increase the friends list. It will be a human life with sensitivity and love. Science has made life easy, convenient, comfortable, better and more beautiful. Its achievements, discoveries and inventions are wonderful. Friends and relatives living in different parts of the world seem a lot closer all thanks to modern gadgets, such as web cam, etc. Therefore, it is suffice to say that life without modern gadgets would slow down and become less efficient. Science has made life easy, convenient, comfortable, better and more beautiful.