Hard work or Smart work

Since childhood, we are taught that hard work is the key to success which is true but considering today's scenario, hard work is not enough to fulfill your dreams. In this era of competition literally in every field, we need to be smart and act smarter.
Hard work is basically working over something for a very long period of time, struggling to achieve what you love and putting all your efforts into that particular thing.
On the other hand, if we work smartly, we can achieve more than what we wish to have in shorter period of time. Now, don't confuse it with shortcut method to achieve something. Smart working means putting efforts and intelligence to attain our goal as soon as possible.
I don't mean to say don't work hard for your dreams, but we should be smart enough to know where to invest our hard work.
Now, let's try to understand these concepts with an example:-
Ages ago, early man used to push cart or huge pieces of stone from one place to another. But later on, it was replaced by wheelbarrows that made their lives more convenient as compared to before.
Now, imagine what would've happened if there were no wheelbarrows. They were working hard before as well, but that didn't changed their lives but invention of wheels did improved their lifestyles. The inventor of the wheel must've been really smart to think about making wheels and how to use it.
Being smart worker saves a lot of time as you can find ways and means to reduce your work by using logical and innovative ways to achieve your goals. This not only saves your time but it also gives you enough time to learn new task while completing the present one.
On the other hand, hard work requires a lot of effort and consistency and thus it becomes tedious and tiresome but still the result won't be as much the efforts you put. While smart work is always more fruitful than you expect.