Grow More Trees To Reduce Pollution

 By:Astha Raghav 

The alarm and the pain in the present situation which is cautioning people is the environmental pollution. Smoking chimneys, burning tree leaves and wastes, smoke spewing vehicles the city is almost dying. Year after year the situation is deteriorating and if nothing is done against this hazard, conditions will worsen further. The emergence of great factories and consumption of coal gas give rise to unprecedented air pollution. 

Trees conserve energy. Three trees placed strategically around a single family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent.  By reducing the energy demand for cooling our houses.  We reduce carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions from power plants. In this urban century when there are going to be an extra two billion people in cities, smart cities should be thinking about how nature and trees can be a part of the pollution to keep air healthy.

Rather than to be blamed for inviting the worsen situation of pollution. 

People living in the vicinity should focus on how to reduce it. People should form action committees to launch afforestation drives to make city green. You should volunteer to promote "Each one Plant one". Awareness rallies on " Save the Environment" and "Go Green"  would be an eye opener. 

Thank You!