Book Review of The Hound of the Baskervilles

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The Hound
of the Baskerville is a book full of mystery and suspense. The story starts
when Sir Charles Baskerville was found dead which was believed to be a murder.
A friend of Sir Charles, Dr. Mortimer introduces the case to Watson and Holmes,
so as to protect his heir, Sir Henry Baskerville. Watson is sent to the
Dartmoor, where Charles was killed so as to protect Sir Henry while Holmes
remains in London. Many unusual events occur in Dartmoor but later Watson
learns that it was Sherlock doing his investigation secretly.

The main
theme is superstition, evil, greedy for money and suspense. Holmes believes in
science whereas Charles believed in superstition. Many unusual things occur in
the Dartmoor which was later found by the Holmes doing the investigation.
Holmes uses his intellectual powers to find the murderer. The superstitious
theme is set up by the curse, the Baskerville Hall, and the hound. However,
after so many suspense, Holmes learns that the murderer is Charles neighbor,
Jack Stapleton, a Rodger Baskerville who wants to take over the family estate
and plotted a plan to kill his relatives using a hound which he painted with
phosphorus so as to make it look haunted. After seeing the hound, Charles got a
heart attack. Holmes is a detective who was appointed to find the murderer.
Watson is the assistant and friend of Holmes and is also the narrator. Dr.
Mortimer is Charles friend and a house surgeon. Sir Henry is the heir of the
Baskerville Hall who lived in America.

This book
got a very great response by the readers. It’s widely accepted in the society
and the popularity is also very high. It is one of the four crime novels
written by the Sherlock Holmes. The book is unique and suspenseful in its own
way and does not need any other changes according to me. The book is full of
mysteries and supernatural elements which makes it very interesting for the
readers. There is not a single instance where you will feel bored. Anyone can
fall in love with this book who loves crime and suspense.