5 Amazing Facts about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj : The brave hero!

Knowing about the Brave Hero!

Shivaji,   also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji was born on   19
February 1630 – 3 April 1680.He was a brave Indian ruler  who formed Maratha empire from  the declining Adilshahi  Sultanate  of Bijapur . 



The origin of name ‘Shivaji’

 The name of Shivaji Maharaj did not generate from
the name of Lord Shiva instead the name was derived from a regional deity by
the name Shivai.

2.   Shivaji prioritized his
country over his kingdom


Maharaj motivated his soldiers that while fighting, they should keep in mind
that they are serving for their nation and not for any king. He had a goal of
achieving a free state.


3.Shivaji respected women


Maharaj respected women. He was strongly against any type of harassment towards
women. He strictly instructed his soldiers to respect women. Anyone who tried
to harass women were strictly punished by Shivaji Maharaj. During the reign of
Shivaji Maharaj, women of the captured territories were treated with respect,
unharmed and none were treated as prisoners.



4. Shivaji Maharaj cleverly
and strategically escaped from Panhala fort!


successfully escaped from Panhala fort cleverly and strategically. When Siddhi
Johar’s army trapped Shivaji Maharaj in Panhala fort, he made a strategy to escape
wherein he arranged two palanquins.

In one of
the palanquins, a barber who was similar to Shivaji was seated and had asked to
lead him out of the fort. The soldiers went after the fake palanquin and
Shivaji successfully fooled 600 soldiers and had then escaped from Panhala


5. Shivaji was extremely compassionate and forgiving in nature


Maharaj was very compassionate and forgiving and welcomed anyone in his army
who surrendered to him. He had an extremely caring nature and never captured
religious places and homes of the local people.